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Vine Monsters

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Garden of Evil
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Poison Ivy devised plant bombs capable of instantly rewriting the genetic code of plants and super sizing them into monstrosities. In short order, giant vine monsters overran the city. They soon became aggressive and attacked any moving vehicle. Harley Quinn helped spread plant bombs all over the city. No plant was safe, not even ones on window sills. Soon, Ivy would have her private plant kingdom to rule over. Superman, Vixen, and Firestorm were tasking with curbing the rate of the growth while Batman came up with a solve. He was able to make enough formula for one shot and departed in the Batmobile. A vine monster clamped onto the Batmobile and carried into the air. Firestorm came to his aid and turned it into a flying pruning machine. Batman made his way to Ivy's greenhouse hideout on top of the Kanaghier Building but he was grabbed by vines. One of the vine monsters caught his vial but Firestorm crashed through the building and mowed down several plants. Batman and Superman were able to break the vial as it sailed over Ivy. With her powers neutralized, all the vine monsters returned to normal and shrank.