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Transmogrified Mannequin

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Hat Trick
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength and Reassembling
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Felix Faust animated and transformed mannequins in the Gotham Fashion section of Gotham City. It was a trap to lure out Zatanna so he could steal her magic hat and use it as a portal to summon Ghast and restore his youth. Batman, Jason Blood, and Zatanna responded. The mannequins proved difficult to destory. With each attack, they reassembled their limbs -- sometimes not the way before. Zatanna summoned a giant plant creature named Audrey from her hat then asked Blood to summon Etrigan. Etrigan melted several with his flame breath but many dogpiled Batman. While Zatanna was distracted, Faust appeared in his ethereal form from a mannequin and stole the hat. Batman threw a Batarang at him but he vanished. The mannequins returned to normal and fell apart.