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Real Identity: Titano
Appearances: Harley Goes Ape!
Powers/Skills: Kryptonite Vision, Augmented Size, and Enhanced Strength
Voiced By:

Titano was an intelligent chimpanzee selected for an experimental space mission by S.T.A.R. Labs. Harleen Quinzel was studying behavioral zoology at the time. She was able to calm him down with a special song and his teddy bear. The two quickly bonded. Titano was later launched into space but his shuttle collided with a Kryptonite meteor. When his shuttle returned to Earth, Titano suddenly grew to the size of a building and could emit beams of Kryptonite from its eyes. Gorilla Grodd outfitted an apparatus on Titano's head and took control it by wearing a special helmet. He just had to press his fists together and issue a verbal command. Grodd continued his campaign to crush humanity in Metropolis. Superman approached. Grodd commanded Titano to destroy him. Titano sat and sucked its thumb. Grodd pressed his fits and issued the command over again. Titano blasted Superman with its Kryptonite vision.

Stargirl lifted Superman to safety and surfed away on her Cosmic Staff. Superman came up with a solution for the beams and asked her to keep the civilians out of danger until he came back. The streets were already empty. Stargirl engaged Titano but was hurled into a jewelry store that Harley Quinn happened to be robbing. Titano reached in for Stargirl but grabbed Harley instead by accident. After introducing herself to Grodd, Harley recognized Titano and sang their special song. Titano remembered it. He hooted and danced in place. Harley was overjoyed and hugged his face. Grodd was offended by the song and ordered Titano to dispose of her. He threw her across the city but Superman caught her. Now wearing a suit made of lead, Superman returned to the battle. Shielded from the Kryptonite, Superman began to turn the tide. Unable to penetrate Grodd's globe, Superman flew all the way to his Fortress of Solitude then zoomed back. He managed to crack the globe. Titano was knocked into a Lexcorp Construction worksite.

Grodd had Titano throw a bulldozer Superman then piled three construction vehicles on top. Superman still lifted it up and tossed them aside but his suit was now torn up. Titano blasted him with Kryptonite again. Stargirl used her Cosmic Staff to hurl the vehicles at Grodd's globe. After the fourth struck it, the globe shattered and Grodd fell onto the street below. Titano regained control of himself and removed the remnants of the globe then grabbed Grodd. Grodd tried to call no hard feelings but Titano threw him across the city where he happened to land in the rear of a Metropolis Police Department paddywagon. Stargirl came to Superman's defense but realized how innocent Titano was. Three police helicopters arrived on scene and opened fire. Titano fled to the Lexcorp Construction site then jumped roof to roof, grabbed Harley, then climbed to the roof of the Daily Planet. The helicopters pinned him down.

Command gave the pilots the green light to take the shot but Superman regained consciousness and flew into the line of fire. The pilots were startled and ceased fire. Stargirl remembered Harley's story about Titano and used her staff to lift a giant teddy bear from the roof of a toy store to the Planet. Harley tried to direct Titano to the teddy but it wasn't enough. She implored Stargirl to sing the song. It worked. Titano calmed down and hugged the teddy but Stargirl was stuck between the bear and his arms.