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Real Identity: Teekl
Appearances: Trick or Threat and Supernatural Adventures in Babysitting
Powers/Skills: Transformation, Above Average Agility, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By:

Teekl is Klarion the Witch Boy's pet cat. It looks like an ordinary house cat but has mystical powers like its owner and can transform. In a Halloween story told by Cain, caretaker of the House of Mystery, Klarion and Teekl tried to steal the Helmet of Fate and entrap several members of the Justice League in the House. During the battle over the Helmet, Klarion ordered Teekl to tear them to bits. It changed into a tiger. Kid Zatanna cast a spell and turned a chair into a cage around Teekl. After the heroes exited the House, Klarion and Teekl made a run for the front door but Zatanna cast a spell and closed it. Klarion and Teekl were stuck in the House as it vanished.

Klarion felt the presence of what he sought in a professor's home and flew in through a window. Teekl followed. Courtney Whitmore, also known as Stargirl, happened to be in the middle of babysitting the professor's son, Timmy. Teekl was tasked with looking for the Magdalene Grimoire while Klarion distracted Timmy and Courtney. Courtney found Timmy, who was Klarion, in disguise making a ruckus in the study. Teekl popped out a chest on a shelf then hid. Before she noticed, Klarion jumped into her arms and revealed he was hungry. While she was distracted with making a sandwich, Teekl sneaked into present what it found. To Klarion's annoyance, Teekl did not find the grimoire. Instead, it found the Branding Iron of Morgaine Le Fey then a medallion then a Chinese finger trap. Courtney finally saw Teekl and chased after it into the study. Teekl happened to land on the grimoire and knocked it off its stand. Klarion revealed himself and took the book.

Courtney changed into Stargirl and returned with Batman and Constantine. Concerned for Timmy, she pointed her Cosmic Staff at Klarion. Teekl landed on the tip, transformed into a humanoid woman, kicked Stargirl and ran off with the staff. Back in its cat form, Teekl leaped onto Klarion's shoulder as he read spells from the grimoire. Stargirl recovered her staff and barred Klarion's departure. Teekl charged, transformed and launched into a flying kick. Stargirl used the psychokinetic abilities of her staff to launch Teekl into a bookshelf. Constantine closed the portal that a beast emerged from. It grabbed onto Klarion. He called out for Teekl but it couldn't free him. They were both pulled through the portal with the beast.