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Real Identity: Streaky
Appearances: Unleashed
Powers/Skills: Flight, Invulnerability, Enhanced Strength, and Enhanced Vision
Voiced By: Jason J. Lewis

Streaky is Supergirl's pet cat. Like Supergirl, Streaky is from Krypton and has the super powers that come from absorbing yellow sun radiation, including flight. Plastic Man was left behind by the Justice League to dog sit Krypto while they boomed to a Red Lantern invasion force. Plastic Man fell for Red Lantern Dex-Starr's ruse and took him into the Watchtower. His mission succeeded and he activated a Boom Tube for the other Red Lanterns to use. Krypto was powerless in a sun chamber set to artificial red sunlight. He bit his dog tag and set off a distress signal. Streaky was in Metropolis stopping a mugger and his dog. He carried the mugger onto the back of a garbage truck and flew to the tower. Streaky battled Dex but was knocked through Krypto's room. The giant hole created restored Krypto's powers. Dex collapsed the ceiling then returned to the Mother Box and triggered a Boom Tube. Krypto tried to stop Dex-Starr while Streaky battled the Red Lanterns. Streaky headbutted Atrocitus then fired heat vision at the Lanterns.

Dex was undone by his stomach pains from eating all the food Plastic Man made him and he ran to a carrier. It was Plastic Man in disguise and he took Dex's ring off. Krypto was released from Dex's construct and he turned off the Mother Box. The Lanterns were recalled as the tube closed. Streaky started grooming himself. The League returned to the Watchtower when they realized they were duped into booming to a diversion. Plastic Man down played his role in saving the world and only admitted he helped. Supergirl took Streaky away and noted he looked tired. He meowed.