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Stone Golems

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Forget Me Not
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

After Felix Faust stripped the Justice League of their memories, he conjured several towering Stone Golems and began looting Metropolis. Police started moving into the Metropolis Jewelry Exchange. The Golems each looted a specific item for Faust, including a truck, stereoes, cash, jewels, and sandwiches. He was pleased one brought him a tuna sandwich like he ordered and exchanged a fist bump. The police addressed Faust and ordered their surrender. The golems went on the offensive. One even headbutted a police squad car. Faust ordered only the golem with sandwiches to hang back. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman still lacked their memories and didn't know what to do. As Firestorm pondered his next move, a golem headbutted him into a bus. Superman clung to the forehead of another but it rammed into another. Firestorm came to Batman's aid and transmutated several golems into cars then turned the one holding sandwichs into a moped. A golem charged Batman, he barely leaped over it and explosives accidentally spilled out and destroyed it.

Wonder Woman tied the Lasso of Truth to a light pole then waited in an alley. She pulled it taut and tripped a golem. Superman leaped from the top of a building onto one. Superman rediscovered how to fly and rammed another. Wonder Woman picked up a car and threw it into another. Batman lured another to chase after him. He left an exploding Batarang behind on a car roof and blew it up.