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Real Identity: Puddles
Appearances: The Ringer (Hallucination)
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By:

Puddles is the dog of Old Man Miller, a neighbor of the Palmers, the Atom's family. In his youth, Atom was terrorized by Puddles. In the present, Sinestro's Yellow Lantern Ring preyed on his old fear of Puddles and recreated the Palmer farm. Puddles chased after the Atom. Green Lantern tried to set his straight about what was happening but Atom believed it was real and hid in a log. Puddles picked up the log and shaked it around then threw it. Atom landed on the porch and jumped through the screen door. Puddles ran to the porch and ripped through the screen door. Atom shrank and was subjected to another fear, losing control over his ability.