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Real Identity: Krypto
Appearances: Best Day Ever and Unleashed
Powers/Skills: Flight, Invulnerability, Enhanced Strength, and Enhanced Vision
Voiced By: Jason J. Lewis

Krypto is Superman's pet dog. Like Superman, Krypto is from Krypton and has the super powers that come from absorbing yellow sun radiation, including flight. Krypto also helps guard the Fortress of Solitude in Superman's absence. In such an instance, Krypto attacked the Joker and Lex Luthor after the front door was spray painted. Krypto managed to bite off a piece off the rear of Joker's pants before they fled. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash surveyed the defacing. Superman whistled and Krypto exited from a doggie door. He put down the cloth and sat. Superman congratulated him with a 'good boy' then rubbed his belly.

Plastic Man was left behind by the Justice League to dog sit Krypto while they boomed to a Red Lantern invasion force. While he was walking Krypto outside the tower, Krypto disposed of his own bowel movement with heat vision. Plastic Man found a stray cat on drift wood in the ocean. He had no idea it was Red Lantern Dex-Starr. He dried Dex then left to cook him a meal. Dex checked in with Atrocitus then found the Mother Box. Krypto attacked but Plastic Man thought he was just being a bad dog. Dex was given a lot of food and was stuffed. Plastic Man kept making more food. Dex made Krypto look bad by making it look like he broke a plate. Plastic Man set Dex in front of a flat screen TV turned on to a soap opera then went to continue cooking. Krypto stopped Dex from using the League's Mother Box again but caused fires and Plastic Man still had no clue what was really going on. He put Krypto into the Sun Room and set it to red to neutralize his powers.

Dex-Starr rejected Plastic Man's weird cake and revealed himself to be a Red Lantern. Krypto bit his dog tag and set off a distress signal. Streaky was in Metropolis stopping a mugging and flew to the tower. Streaky was knocked through Krypto's room but his powers were restored. Dex collapsed the ceiling then returned to the Mother Box and triggered a Boom Tube. Krypto tried to stop Dex-Starr while Streaky battled the Red Lanterns. Dex's stomach gurgled then he ran to the carrier. It was Plastic Man in disguise and he took Dex's ring off. Krypto was released from Dex's construct and he turned off the Mother Box. The Lanterns were recalled as the tube closed. The League returned to the Watchtower when they realized they were duped into booming to a diversion. Plastic Man down played his role in saving the world and only admitted he helped.