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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Booster's Gold
Powers/Skills: Above Average Strength and Agility
Voiced By: Chris Diamantopoulos (Boy)

Booster Gold came up with another get rich scheme. This time, he attempted to convert an island in the Bermuda Triangle into a tourist attraction by bringing dinoaurs from the past after he saw it in a movie. Booster brought anything from pterosaurs, triceratops, stegosaurus, brontosaurus, velociraptors, and even a Tyrannosaurus Rex. He built a crude setting called Booster World and placed several dinosaurs in terribly constructed enclosures. A plesiosaur inhabited a lake outside the park. Booster evicted several dinosaurs who were too rowdy like four velociraptors. Batman asked Green Arrow to look for Booster after he failed to show up at the Watchtower for monitor duty. Leery of a typhoon, Green Arrow set down for a nearby island and observed a Pterasaur. He found it beautiful and majestic until it screeched at him and breached his plane's windshield. He dodged its bites as he drove the plane out of a canyon. He ascended until it slid away. The plesiosaur breached the surface and broke the plane in half.

Arrow made it to shore but was forced to fight the four exiled velociraptors. He dodged one, fired a bola trick arrow at a second, dodged the third and fourth, leaped off the third's snout and fired a boxing glove arrow into its open mouth. Arrow ran into the forest with one of them in pursuit. It managed to rip Arrow's quiver and he lost most of his arrows. He went up into the trees and dodged the velociraptor's attacks but it cut him off at the end of the treeline. Arrow fired his last arrow, one outfitted with rope, into the cliff face across. He pulled himself to the other side and the raptor took another snap but fell into the canyon below. Arrow climbed to the top and saw different species of dinosaurs. He contemplated the implications of their impact on the modern ecosystem and realized Booster Gold was the complete simpleton with no thought of consequences or personal responsibility who populated the island. Booster appeared and confirmed he went back in time and brought the dinosaurs to the island then gave him a tour.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex then the others simply stepped out of their enclosures and ramapaged through Booster World, eating all the wood. A young raptor bit Booster and broke his Legion Flight Ring. The dinosaurs chased them out of the park. They jumped from a cliff into the lake and were swallowed by the plesiosaur. A safeguard in Booster's time-travel sircuits activated and opened a wormhole. They found themselves thousands of years into the future. The dinosaurs had evolved into an advanced humanoid species with a utopian society displayed by enormous cities floating above the island. A dinosaur boy accidentally hit Arrow in the back of the head with his beach ball. He was frightened off by them. Soon, the police converged on them in their flying cars and opened fire. They reached the edge of the island and discovered it was protected by a force field. Booster's wormhole activated and they were taken to the past. They triggered a blackout in Booster's house so his past self would never see the movie that inspired his scheme.