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Bud and Lou

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Real Identity: Bud and Lou
Appearances: Garden of Evil and Harley Goes Ape!
Powers/Skills: To Be Determined
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Bud and Lou are the pet laughing hyenas of Harley Quinn. They were once lab animals at S.T.A.R. Labs where Harleen Quinzel studied behavioral zoology. She affectionately refers to them as her "babies" and they obey her commands. When captured, they are returned to an exhibit set aside for them at the Gotham Zoo. During one of Poison Ivy's schemes to transform Gotham City, Harley led Vixen to the zoo and freed Bud and Lou. Harley sent them after Vixen but they were scared off when she summoned the power of the lion, the natural enemy of the hyena. They ran back into their cage. Harley joined them.