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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Time Out
Powers/Skills: Flight, Energy Projection, and Space Time Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

When a time fissure is created, something analogous to time's immune system dispatches swarms of beasts to fix the issue. These antibodies, for lack of a better term, indiscriminately delete all anomalies. After a giant Chronovore created a time fissure, two swarms of antibodies were dispatched. Batman and Booster Gold, protected by the latter's temporal bubble, were forced to battle the antibodies. To make matters more complicated, Batman had to stay within 10 feet of Booster or he would vanish and rubber-band back to the moment just before the fissure was created with no memory of what happened. The second swarm emerged from a manhole. Booster prompted Batman to jump through his portal to avoid them. After kind of forming a plan, they returned. Careful not to create a paradox and meet their past selves, Batman and Booster found the Chronovore and battled it along with the antibodies. Batman was nearly deleted by one but he recovered a defibrilator worn over the knuckle and clocked the antibody. Booster pushed Batman out of time stream in order to fight the Chronovore at full power. He punched his way through waves of antibodies and leaped off two of them into the Chronovore's belly to locate its crystal reserve of stolen time energy and end the crisis.