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Real Identity: Zod
Appearances: Field Trip, Phased and Confused, and System Error (Robot)
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Vision, Flight, Invulnerability, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Jason J Lewis

Zod is a former general in the Kryptonian military and was banished to the Phantom Zone. He would often escape the Phantom Zone only to be defeated by Superman and returned to his prison. Zod, Faora, and Quex-Ul passed by the Phantom Zone Projector's view screen while Superman was in the middle of giving Firestorm, Blue Beetle, and Stargirl a tour of the Fortress of Solitude. The alien kitten being carried around by Stargirl was startled by them and jumped onto the Projector's console. As a result, Superman was pulled into the Phantom Zone. Firestorm made it worse by pressing the other button and freeing Zod, Faora, and Quex-Ul. Zod vowed the make the people of Earth suffer. They traded shots with the Leaguers but broke off and made their way to the Arsenal Room in the North Quadrant. They procured blasters, since they were powerless, and made their way to the exit to power up on solar energy outside. Zod was amused when Blue Beetle tried to stop them with a small, ineffectual piece of Kryptonite. They regained their powers and fought Blue Beetle and Stargirl.

Both Faora and Quex-Ul failed but Zod charged and knocked out Blue Beetle and Stargirl. He implored Faora and Quex-Ul to join him in executing them with heat vision. Firestorm returned and generated Kryptonite from his hands. Zod resisted but fell like his soldiers. While repairs were made to the Projector, Zod and company were tied up in Kryptonite chains. As the chains were enough of an indignity, Zod soon tired of hearing the teenage superheroes blather on and on to Superman. Superman indulged Zod and returned the trio back to the Phantom Zone. A series of explosions on the surface of the Sun opened a temporary rift between the physical plane and the Phantom Zone. Only Zod escaped. He powered up on the Sun then flew back to Earth. Zod broke into S.T.A.R. Labs in Metropolis and stole the Kryptonian Prism. As it was a gateway between zones, he could commune with Faora and Quex-Ul and use it to free them.

Superman promised to reunite them soon enough. Zod stomped the floor then threw the chunk that rose up at him then blasted the ceiling, burying Superman in debris. Zod was about to fly away but Wonder Woman lassoed his left leg. Zod pulled the lasso off then yanked it. He punched Wonder Woman into a wall. He attempted to leave again but Batman was waiting with the mobile Phantom Zone Projector. Batman fired at him but Zod held out the prism. They were unaware Zod was rendered intangible. Zod followed them back to the Watchtower and waited. They, too, became intangible and tried to alert Booster Gold of their status. They eventually tricked him into turning on the projector. At the last second, Zod flew up through the floor in front of them. He was restored to normal. He gloated it all worked out better than he imagined but Booster was the last wrinkle in his plan. Booster threw a punch but Zod easily caught it and smacked him into a table. Zod took the projector and blasted the prism. Faora and Quex-Ul were freed.

Zod declared Booster Gold would be the first of his kind to kneel before him. Booster could see Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman through the prism. Batman quickly went over a plan. Booster begged Zod to send him to the Phantom Zone so he could be with his friends. Zod admitted he never granted requests but decided to make a exception because he knew of the torment that awaited him. Zod fired the Projector at him. Booster held out the prism and freed Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman spun Batman into Zod. He threw out a gas pellet and tried to take back the projector in vain. He let go to dodge Zod's heat vision. Zod grabbed his leg and threw him into Wonder Woman. Faora and Quex-Ul punched Superman to the ground. As Zod fired at Superman, Wonder Woman whipped a green Jaw Destroyer candy at Zod's head. While he was momentarily distracted, Superman grabbed a piece of debris and deflected the beam. Zod, Faora, and Quex-Ul were hit and sucked into the projector. Zod vowed revenge.