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Virman Vunderbar

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Real Identity: Virman Vunderbar
Appearances: Under a Red Sun
Powers/Skills: Strategic Planning
Voiced By: William Salyers

Virman Vunderbar is part of Darkseid's inner circle and one of the military leaders on Apokolips. He models his appearance from the 19th century Prussian ideal. Steppenwolf and Virman conspired to kill Superman. A desert planet orbiting a red sun was selected as the site. While Steppenwolf tried to kill Superman, Virman encountered Batman and Big Barda in Steppenwolf's war room in Darkseid's citadel. After Virman greeted them, Batman threw a Batarang out of habit before Barda could warn him of Virman's rather short stature. Barda demanded Steppenwolf's location. Virman activated his Kinetic Force Shield and Barda's attacks were in vain. Batman quickly deduced the shield redirected kinetic energy but was vulnerable to steady pressure. Barda gently placed her Mega Rod on the side of the shield. Virman was launched into an alley. Barda sealed off the alley with debris then placed a giant stone face of Darkseid on top of Virman. Batman repeated the question at hand. Virman struggled to hold up the stone and surrendered. He promised to tell them everything if they prevented his squishing.