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Two-Headed Babajorian

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Barehanded
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Pyrokinesis, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By:

Two-Headed Babajorians are a proud warrior race who are famed for never giving up. As its namesake, it has two heads. The lower head is smaller and has a tongue that looks like a baby's rattle while the upper head acts as a natural defense mechanism, spewing fire. After Lobo turned out to be a dead end, Hal Jordan jumped to conclusions and decided the Babajorian had his missing power ring as it was the only other person in the rest room where he lost it. Jordan mistook the Babajorian's lower head for a choking baby and reached down its throat for the ring. The Babajorian was naturally outraged, the small head used strong profanity in its alien language, and upper head breathed fire at Jordan. Cabbie did a quick search and identified the Babajorian. Cabbie's navigational system loosely translated for Jordan and the Babajorian. Jordan asked it to apologize on his behalf but Cabbie interjected and told it to say Jordan attacked because he was clearly the deadliest warrior present but proved no match for his deadly power. The Babajorian scoffed but stopped its assault. Cabbie quickly told Jordan to prostrate himself or the Babajorian would continue attacking until the asteroid they were on was dust. Jordan complied. The lower head spoke something and stormed off.