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Real Identity: Harvey Dent
Appearances: Double Cross
Powers/Skills: Organized Crime
Voiced By: Robert Picardo

Harvey Dent was a lawyer with values until an accident scarred half of his face. His second personality Two-Face manifested. He became a criminal and professional thief. Two-Face made a patsy out of Penguin and stole half a million dollars in cash he stole on a heist. Two-Face managed to hide it in a locker at the main train station but he was caught by Batman. Penguin placed a hit on Two-Face and Deadshot took the job. Penguin wanted Two-Face brought in alive but was flexible with how alive. Batman decided to use Two-Face as bait to capture Deadshot after years of failed attempts. Batman stashed him at a seedy motel and had Plastic Man take on his appearance then spread word that he was personally driving Two-Face to Arkham Asylum. Harvey was annoyed with Two-Face and his fidgeting with the hand cuffs and suggested a hairpin. Two-Face asked Harvey if he had a hairpin. He didn't. Two-Face told him to be quiet. Plastic Man grabbed his head and made him stay still so he could copy Two-Face's look.

Batman found his first attempt sloppy and pointed out Two-Face wore his pocket square on the left, his cufflinks were silver and not gold, and his scarred and normal sides were reversed. Plastic Man adjusted. Firestorm was tasked with keeping an eye on Two-Face while Batman and Plastic Man set off for Arkham. Harvey noted Batman should have said "them" instead of "him" but Two-Face could have cared less. As they argued about having more in common than one thought, Firestorm was couldn't imagine being stuck in the same brain as they were. Professor Stein pondered his words. As the night went on, Harvey tried to suggest making a deal and give up the money. Two-Face refused and cited his distrust of Harvey's intentions. Two-Face asked Firestorm to open a window on account of his flaming hair making the room uncomftorable. While Firestorm went to open it, Harvey tried to warn him but Two-Face told him to shut up or he'd turn his face into a bowl of macaroni. Firestorm advised him to get a therapist or two.

Two-Face stood up and bashed Firestorm in the head with his chair and fled the motel. Two-Face stole a police car and swerved around, with the siren on, under the pretense no one would stop an officer. He made his way to a train station. Deadshot happened to be packing his weapons on a hotel roof and heard the siren. He followed. Two-Face walked to the lockers and got out a briefcase stuffed with Penguin's money. Harvey felt ashamed but dropped after Deadshot hit him with a tranquilizer dart from behind. Two-Face regained consciousness and was turned over to the Gotham City Police with Deadshot.