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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (Webisodes): Missing the Mark
Powers/Skills: Unknown
Voiced By: Mark Hamill

Trickster is a second rate villain who uses ridiculous gadgets to play dangerous tricks on victims. Trickster teamed up with the Joker on a ransom scheme in Gotham City. Famous actor Mark Hamill hired a driver on his mobile app and requested Gotham Observatory but realized he was just kidnapped by the Joker. The Trickster entered afterwards. Joker pushed a button on the dashboard and Hamill's seatbelt wrapped around him. They were planning to hold him for ransom to the movie studios. Trickster admitted Hamill was his favorite actor and remembered he was in the 1970s classic "Corvette Star" but a police car started to pursue them. Hamill used his underappreciated voice acting skills to mimic Trickster and Joker. Trickster insisted he wasn't saying anything but Joker believed that was the kind of corny trick that kept him in the villain bush league. Trickster grabbed the wheel in anger. While they were busy bickering, they failed to notice Hamill tricked him into driving to a park where the Swamp Thing appeared and captured them.