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Real Identity: Hiro Okamura
Appearances: Play Date and Watchtower Tours
Appearances (Webisodes): Toymano a Mano and Mint Condition
Powers/Skills: Genius and Engineering
Voiced By: Ken Jeong

Toyman is a young mechanical genius and old enemy of Superman. He is able to engineer innocent looking toys that conceal and use deadly weapons but is infamously arrogant and immature. Like most, he became addicted to "Blvd Brawlers," a popular fighting video game where contestants battle for street dominance, because of the realistic fighting, responsive moves, and combo system. Toyman came up with a plan to use superheroes to fight in his version of the game, "Blvd Brawlers 2 JLA." He staged a break-in at the Watchtower with his legion of toys. Ironically, it was Cyborg's turn to guard the tower but he was distracted with playing "Blvd Brawlers" online. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman fought off the toys on the main deck. They speculated who the perpetrator was. Cyborg interfaced with a damaged chibi doll of Batman but Superman was already sure it was Toyman. Toyman was happy to hear Superman remembered him and appeared to them in a mech suit, flanked by a tall avian robot. He fired his Star Sparkle Super Putty. Superman punched it but was wrapped in Kryptonite. Toyman finished off the others with sleeping gas.

Toyman converted the Watchtower training room into an arcade battleground and placed devices on the heroes that gave him complete control of their movements. Toyman declared himself the Blvd Brawler master and forced them to dance in unison. Toyman continued with his plans and declared they would fight to the finish for his amusement. Cyborg had his own plan. While the doll he interfaced with earlier made its way to the training room, Cyborg goaded Toyman into a competition by mocking his master status as trash talk. Toyman fell for it. He selected Superman to play then chose Batman for Cyborg. Cyborg managed to win by using Batman's Super Move, the Kryptonite Ring Punch. Toyman was further irritated when his toys cheered for Cyborg. He selected Wonder Woman as his new challenger. Toyman paused the game mid-fight to admit he thought it was the most epic match of Blvd Brawlers he ever played and even admitted Cyborg was a magnificent challenger.

Toyman unpaused and unleashed Wonder Woman's Super Move, the Amazon Rolling Thunder, and won. Cyborg wanted another player but Toyman declared the game was over. Cyborg protested the rule change and chided Toyman for acting like a big baby. Toyman took control of Cyborg and walked him over to Wonder Woman, who was about to punch him out, but the chibi doll successfully patched into Toyman's console and overrode the controls. Toyman returned to his mech suit and attempted to flee from Cyborg, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman lassoed the left leg off and Superman blasted the right leg with heat vision. Toyman tumbled out and the avian robot picked him up by the shorts. Cyborg told him it was good game.

Toyman kidnapped Cyborg and Plastic Man then outfitted them with helmets marked 5 and 7 respectively that granted him the ability to control their movements with a remote control. Toyman rode in a backpack worn by Cyborg and raided Gotham City Hall. After stealing money and blowing city hall, they were about to leave but Batman arrived and threw bolas at Cyborg's legs. Toyman forced Cyborg to fire his arm cannon and boarded him. Batman tried to counter with Batarangs but Toyman had Cyborg fire capsules from his shoulder launchers. The Batarangs were sealed in the capsules and fell to the ground. Toyman mocked Batman and referred to them as collectibles then tried to flee. Batman pursued in the Batmobile and tried to lasso Cyborg but was simply dragged along. He fired a boot jack at his feet next and immobilized him. Toyman activated the rocket thrusters in his shoes and was irate at his "toy" being ruined. He took the bag and made his way to a getaway boat, who was Plastic Man in the form of a duck.

Batman ejected from the Batmobile and fired a grapnel line at the rear of the boat. Toyman forced Plastic Man to shift into a plane and took off. Batman activated a signal jammer. Toyman tried to swerve and drop Batman but he jumped to Plastic Man's head and affixed the jammer to the helmet. They fell towards a barren island while Batman switched his cape into a parachute. Plastic Man made a rough landing then shifted into basket and bound Toyman. Toyman pouted about his ruined toys. Plastic Man declared Batman only collected jerks like Toyman. Toyman broke into the Watchtower and weaponized Cyborg's collection of Bot Bots. He threatened to blow up the Watchtower with a Generation Three International 1982 figure he rigged with explosives. He mocked Cyborg's attempts to preserve his figures and pointed out they were losing value the longer they remained out of the box. Mid-speech, Toyman noticed the Japanese version of the Generation Six Die Cast Bot Bot but came to his senses and presented the trigger.

Cyborg didn't believe Toyman's threat and said a true lover wouldn't harm the figures. Toyman caved and tossed the trigger. He ran to the Generation Three and admired its stencil detailing and axel variations. Cyborg revealed he had the playset. Toyman was amazed. They continued to geek out. Stargirl asked if they should arrest him. Batman decided to leave and pretend nothing happened. Booster Gold's latest scheme was the Justice League Watchtower Guided Celebrity Tour and Souvenir Emporium. Toyman, Granny Goodness, and the Joker disguised themselves and took part in the first tour. Toyman planned to use his robot Teddy to infect the tower's systems with malware to trigger its destruction. Booster greeted them in the docking bay on the boat he rented arrived. The villains had no idea who he was. Towards the end of the tour, Booster showed them the laundry room then prepared for the boiler room. Toyman called the tour dull and pointed out they paid good money for it. Booster took them to the hangar and cast off Justice-1 as his private jet Booster-1 but Granny pointed out its name was on the side of it.

Toyman asked if any of the real superheroes had jets. Booster directed them to the Batjet then an empty room after Jackie asked about Wonder Woman's jet. He was amused they believed it was there but invisible. Rather than go to the restrooms like Granny requested, Booster took them to the kitchen. Booster Gold accidentally requested a lava pit simulation but the suit's Automatic Emergency Space-Time Shift activated and teleported them 35 minutes into the future in the monitor room. Internal defenses detected a suspicous device. Lockdown procedure was inititated and a rapid deployment team of 32 security drones were dispatched to them. Teddy interfaced with systems and began trying to infect it with malware. Toyman was unable to turn Teddy off nor get past its force field since he designed it to be impenetrable. Booster frantically asked why he did that. Toyman didn't know and pointed out he was crazy. Granny suggested using her Mother Box to destroy the drones then Jackie revealed herself to really be the Joker all along.

The drones tried to eradicate them with lasers. Granny tossed Mother Box to Toyman as the desk he used for a hiding spot was blown up. He ran it to the Joker who gave it to Booster. Booster quickly used to get rid of Teddy and 31 drones then ditched the last drone into the hall. More drones were sent after them. Toyman admired the drones for reassembling themselves after they crashed but was nearly shot. He suggested hiding in the training kitchen but it was too far away. Booster realized his suit was charged up for one person to make the jump. He teleported out of the tower. Toyman, Granny, and Joker tried to seal themselves in a room but the drones broke in. Suddenly, 32 Booster Golds appeared behind the villains and blasted the drones to pieces. After they said several terrible drone puns, Toyman commended Booster on using his tech to make hologram duplicates. The present day Booster explained they were actually all from alternate timelines. Booster claimed to Batman it was all a set up to trap three villains and foil their plots to destroy the Watchtower.