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Real Identity: Steppenwolf
Appearances: Under a Red Sun
Powers/Skills: Strategic Planning, Marksmanship, and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Peter Jessop

Steppenwolf is part of Darkseid's inner circle and one of the military leaders on Apokolips. Steppenwolf and Virman Vunderbar conspired to kill Superman. Steppenwolf believed he would immortalize himself in legend if he succeeded. A desert planet orbiting a red sun was selected as the site. Steppenwolf deployed a squadron of Parademons to Earth and lay in wait. Once Superman, Batman, and Big Barda dispatched the Parademons, Steppenwolf took a shot at Superman. Superman immediately pinned him to the ceiling, crushed his gun, then threw him to the floor. When Superman questioned him, Steppenwolf held out his Mother Box and generated a Boom Tube then tackled him through. Steppenwolf declared Superman was betrayed by Kryptonian biology and his own genius. He mused even Darkseid would be impressed then attacked with his electro-axe. Superman hid behind a pillar. Steppenwolf opened fire on the pillar. Superman used his remaining super strength to push the pillar towards Steppenwolf.

While Steppenwolf ran away from the falling pillar, Superman made his escape. He went into canyon and used the local fauna to quickly construct a crude rope, bola, and a few boulder traps. Two Parademons came to Steppenwolf's side and brought him his Astro Harness. As they searched the canyon, Superman threw his bola at one of the Parademons then crushed the other with a boulder. Steppenwolf took advantage and blasted Superman in the back. Superman swung into a cavern. Steppenwolf noticed a tripwire and shot it. A boulder dropped down and sealed the cavern. Steppenwolf had enough and opened fire. Batman and Barda boomed to Apokolips and made their way to Steppenwolf's war room in Darkseid's citadel to access his compiled starscape maps. He had hundreds of planets under a red sun earmarked. They forced Virman Vunderbar to reveal Steppenwolf's location by threatening to crush him with a giant stone face of Darkseid. Steppenwolf sent a drone into the cavern. Once it located Superman, Steppenwolf detonated it.

The explosion sent Superman upward to the top of the cavern. He ran off the edge and landed on Steppenwolf. He lost control of the Astro Harness. To make matters worse, a giant Sand Worm suddenly jumped out from the desert near them. They fell down the canyon into the edge of a lake. Superman broke his right leg in the fall. Steppenwolf emerged from the lake and readied his axe. Superman spotted debris from the Astro Harness and tossed it into the lake. Steppenwolf was electrocuted into submission. Just as Superman finished tying up Steppenwolf, Batman and Barda arrived. Barda picked up Steppenwolf over her shoulder and was amazed he won in half a day's time under a red sun.