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Solomon Grundy

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Real Identity: Solomon Grundy
Appearances: Zombie King, E. Nigma, Consulting Detective, and Party Animal
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Fred Tatasciore

Solomon Grundy is a villainous living dead man. After waiting a long time, another Crimson Moon took place. Grundy broke out of prison and searched Louisiana for the grave of Granny Cottonmouth, a voodoo queen. He punched into the grave and found a crystal called the Star of the Dead. He declared the world belonged to the undead and he would be king then raised some zombies. Swamp Thing detected an intrusion in the swamp land and investigated. He was defeated by Grundy. Grundy made his way to the City of the Dead while his zombies converged on New Orleans and started turning regular humans into more zombies. After raising zombies to break down the front gate to the City, Grundy encountered Batman. He mused Batman would make a fine servant and pinned him under a slab. As the Crimson Moon neared, he tasked the zombies with finishing Batman while he proceeded into the cemetery. Swamp Thing tried once more to stop Grundy and wrapped him up. Grundy offered to share power with Swamp Thing in exchange for helping destroy humanity. He refused.

Grundy broke free and decked Swamp Thing into a mausoleum where several zombies converged on him. Grundy placed the Star onto the hands of an angelic statue. The moonlight touched the Star and it emitted an energy wave. Batman and Zatanna were turned into zombies. Swamp Thing turned on of his big toes into a tendril and removed the Star. Everyone turned changed back to normal and all zombies vanished. Grundy attacked Swamp Thing and kept punching until he tired. Swamp Thing's body oozed back into shape while he slyly retrieved a boulder behind Grundy and decked him with it. Before Grundy could resume his assault, Batman froze him with borrowed technology from Mr. Freeze. Zatanna said she could have turned him into a rabbt. The Joker hid his second clue for his revenge plot against Riddler under the bed in Grundy's room at Arkham Asylum. The Riddler noticed the rebus was out of place in Joker's video and saw four images form the name "Solomon Grundy."

Riddler presented his detective services to Wonder Woman and Green Arrow in their search for Batman. The trio headed to Arkham. Riddler unlocked Grundy's door and went inside alone despite their concerns. Grundy accepted a finger trap from Riddler to fight his boredom. Riddler found a club soda under his bed. On Christmas Eve, Grundy was chased through Centennial Park by Green Arrow and Plastic Man. He encroached on the Metropolis Christmas Eve Festival. Grundy pulled a tranquilizer arrow from his back then Plastic Man wrapped his arm around him. Grundy pulled and Plastic Man skated past. He hit a pole and discovered his tongue was stuck. Grundy laughed at his expense. Arrow fired more arrows at Grundy. He dodged and swatted one down but it was an exploding type. He went flying into a giant teddy bear. Keely Miller, a six year old girl at the festival, watched as Grundy ripped the head off and roared. Arrow fired four tranquilizer arrows into his butt. He was neutralized and fell to the ground. Arrow told Plastic Man to take him to S.T.A.R. Labs then pick up some ice for his Christmas party.

Plastic Man discovered S.T.A.R. was in the middle of their Christmas party. Rather than make a scene, Plastic Man decided to take Grundy back with him to Arrow's party. Plastic Man reassured everyone that Grundy was so out of it from the tranquilizers that he didn't even know where he was. Grundy saw the spread and downed Zatanna's bowl of figgy pudding. Arrow tried to tell Grundy to stop eating everything. He ducked in time and Grundy swatted Superman away instead. He ate Martian Manhunter's banana cream pie next. Batman warned Plastic Man to keep him subdued or he would. Plastic Man sat Grundy down on the couch and turned on the TV to Tom & Jerry. Grundy remarked it was pretty. A news report about the Centennial Park incident came on and Grundy started to remember. Just as Grundy was readying himself to destroy the League, Superman approached and told him no one should be without a present on Christmas. He gave Grundy the teddy bear Flash hastily bought for the Secret Santa gift exchange. Grundy remembered Keely Miller, the girl he scared, and ran through the banquet hall wall.

Batman slipped away from the party and pursued Grundy. He threw a bola at Grundy's legs then rammed him but Grundy swatted him. Grundy leaped at him but Batman fired a grapnel line. Grundy fell through the ice layer into the lake below then erupted from underneath him. Batman was sent flying into a tree. Grundy continued running as more of the Justice League began to arrive. Superman noticed Wonder Woman had the same kind of teddy bear Flash gave him. Green Arrow realized what Grundy was trying to do and asked Flash to find Keely Miller. Batman tackled Plastic Man over the hill and ordered him to change into a sled. At the bottom of the hill, Batman rammed Plastic Man into Grundy's legs then jumped on his back only to be backhanded. Batman dodged his overhead strike then wrestled him to the ground in a headlock as the Leaguers surrounded them. Green Arrow readied his tranquilizer arrow and aimed at Batman, telling him to leave him be. Arrow told Batman to trust him and called to Flash. Flash brought Miller.

Grundy walked over to Miller, knelt down, and apologized for scaring her. He repeated Superman's sentiment about how no one should be without a present on Christmas and gave her his teddy bear. She was elated and hugged him. The Leaguers walked Grundy to S.T.A.R. Labs about two blocks away.