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Real Identity: Sinestro
Affiliations: Sinestro Corps
Appearances: The Ringer
Powers/Skills: Wields Power Ring
Voiced By: Darin De Paul

Sinestro is the founder and leader of the Sinestro Corps, a group of villainous yellow ring wielders who represent and draw power from the fears of others. He is a long-time enemy of the Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. Despotellis, a member of the Corps, sequestered itself in Sinestro's ring and used its Yellow Lantern Power Battery to provide a constant charge to his ring. Sinestro had the appearance of being stronger than ever. He got into a battle with Green Lantern in space and fired giant arrow constructs. Sinestro noted prudence, intellect, and strategy were never his strong suit. Lantern fired a rocket construct but Sinestro created a giant monster construct and swallowed it. Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Atom arrived in Justice-1. Lantern was perplexed that Sinestro's ring wasn't nearly depleted like his. The monster construct found Lantern and attacked. Lantern made a scissor construct and cuts its limbs. Sinestro noticed he was out of power and grabbed him with a tentacle then mockingly asked what he had left.

Green Lantern retorted he still had a charming personality, a great haircuit and abs so good you could wash your clothes on them. Sinestro was irritated. Superman and Wonder Woman, in Justice-2, provided a distraction and fought Sinestro while Atom helped Lantern recharge with his battery. Sinestro recognized Superman and admitted it would be an honor to destroy him. Wonder Woman fired at Sinestro on multiple passes. Sinestro was disappointed by their efforts and formed a giant robot suit construct then punched Superman. The Atom volunteered to go into Sinestro's ring and investigate why he was so powerful. Sinestro's construct took a hit from Superman then returned in kind and blasted him. Green Lantern fired Atom into Sinestro's ring and fell victim to its fear manipulating powers. Wonder Woman fired off an implosion torpedo at Sinestro but he detonated it as he was pulled in. Atom discovered Despotellis' battery but was detected as well. Sinestro gave Despotellis the order to deal with Atom. It thought it killed Atom and updated Sinestro.

Sinestro formed a giant multi-armed construct of himself and prepared to finish off the others. It grabbed Lantern. Superman attacked with heat vision but it counter-attacked with a mouth blast. Justice-2 fired at its head but was grabbed and squeezed. Despotellis discovered Atom was still alive and altered its chemical makeup from a subatomic level. With Despotellis incapacitated, Sinestro's ring immediately died out. Green Lantern formed tracks and a speeding train. It rammed into Sinestro then crashed into an asteroid. Lantern formed a dome around the asteroid. Atom climbed out of Sinestro's ring and presented Despotellis in a petri dish.