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The Riddler

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Real Identity: Edward Nigma
Appearances: The Brain Buster and E. Nigma, Consulting Detective
Powers/Skills: Genius
Voiced By: Brent Spiner

The Riddler is a criminal genius who compulsively leaves clues behind for Batman to solve. A robot sent by Mr. Mind broke into a maximum security facility. It bypassed Riddler and Grodd during its scans and broke out Lex Luthor only. Arkham Asylum gave Nygma a clean bill of health and he was released. He attempted to reform and offered his services as a consulting detective for hire. Riddler was angered to see the Joker steal his act in his latest scheme. Wonder Woman and Green Arrow were unable to find any leads on the Joker. With time running out for Batman, Riddler offered to help but Arrow was skeptical. Wonder Woman used the Lasso of Truth on him and asked why he really wanted to help. Riddler admitted the truth. He declared he was one who came up with leaving baffling clues all over Gotham and Joker must be stopped. Arrow questioned how he would be of help. Riddler remarked everything is a riddle and he always knew the solution. Riddler started his pitch by reiterating the Joker likes playing games.

Riddler got out his phone with Joker's video ultimatum on pause and pointed out the hunting motif and stuffed vulture were the rules. Scavenge or hunt. Wonder Woman followed. Riddler then pointed out Joker also left his first clue in the video, the rebus. He explained it was a puzzle represented by two or more images. Wonder Woman saw the Sun, a man, a soldier, and golf. Riddler added Sol was the proper name of their sun, the man's dreadlocks indicate they pronounce it "mon", another word for a foot soldier was grunt, and the arrow pointed to the golf tee. Green Arrow sounded it out - Sol-mon-grunt-tee. Riddler led them to Arkham Asylum and stopped at Solomon Grundy's room. He unlocked it. Wonder Woman was ready to head in but Riddler didn't want an Amazon fighting his battles for him. Green Arrow reminded him it was Grundy. Riddler nudged his bow and arrow down with his cane and found his concern adorable. Riddler walked in alone and the door sealed behind him. Grundy accepted a finger trap from Riddler to fight his boredom.

Riddler found a club soda under his bed while Grundy played and rocked Arkham. He removed the pink umbrella and invited them to taste the drink. He pointed out the club and ice. Wonder Woman guessed Iceberg Club. Riddler hoped they could covertly break into the Iceberg Lounge but Penguin and his henchman surrounded them. Penguin told Riddler it was good to see him and noticed his two companions. Riddler promised he meant to call. Penguin fired his umbrella at him. Wonder Woman dashed in front of Riddler and deflected the bullets. Penguin's henchmen attacked them. Riddler hooked one with a cane and tossed him into a table. Penguin fired at the ceiling and the hanging ice fell onto the combatants. Penguin took aim at Riddler again and fired but he was empty. He threw it in anger and tried to run for it but Wonder Woman cut him off. Riddler picked up the umbrella. Arrow was eager to look for the next clue. Riddler tossed him the club soda's pink umbrella then opened up Penguin's. Joker's next clue was pasted on the inside.

The clue was pop art. Green Arrow remembered the exhibit at the Gotham City Institute of Arts. Upon entering, Riddler found a piece of paper in the sole spotlight. It was a riddle asking when a traveler doesn't need a map. Riddler was not amused. He answered when he's already there and tossed the paper. Joker congratulated him and turned on the lights then called him the Benedict Arnold of brain boxes. Riddler retorted there was no honor among thieves and he was proof of it. Joker immobilized Green Arrow and Wonder Woman with streamers. She landed on a giant can that happened to be the pressure trigger that would slice Batman if she left. Joker warned her justice was blind and that could get sloppy. Riddler stated the only thing sloppy was his terrible clues. Joker launched a bomb from a giant fork. Riddler batted it into a giant white piano then called Joker a talentless hack for stealing his gimmick. Joker was amused he was accusing the prince of thieves of stealing. He tasered Riddler with his joy buzzer then drop kicked him.

Riddler and Joker continued fighting. Joker didn't believe he was reformed and stated he was crazy as a soup sandwich like him. Riddler sweeped Joker and demanded he yield. Joker complied but revealed he solved all but one of his riddles. Riddler looked at the paper in the giant typewriter. It was "what has four eyes but doesn't see?" Riddler already figured it out but it was part of a voice activated trigger. If he said the answer, it would trigger Justice's arm and it would kill Batman. Riddler tried to stay silent but he was compelled. He blurted out Mississippi and put his hands over his mouth. Arrow cut his way loose and fired an arrow at the rope holding Batman and Wonder Woman caught him. Riddler was relieved but Joker swung the microphone in his face and ran - right into Green Arrow's boxing glove arrow. Arrow was surprised to learn Joker was just using Batman to get to Riddler and asked what he did. Riddler didn't know. Joker revealed Riddler stole his donut at Arkham. Arrow couldn't believe he did all that over a donut.

Joker laughed and Batman hauled him away. Arrow told Riddler he did good. Riddler mused he did then pointed out they wouldn't have gotten anywhere without him. He walked away laughing and asked "Riddle me this, Gotham, who's getting better and better every day in every way?" He proclaimed "Me!"