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Red Velvet

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Real Identity: Margo Montgomery
Affiliations: Montgomery Regular Toilet
Appearances: She Wore Red Velvet
Powers/Skills: Time Manipulation, Laser Emission, and Flight
Voiced By: Dania Ramirez

In the year 2462, Margo Montgomery was famed for being the heir to the Montgomery Regular Toilet fortune. She had a chance encounter with Michael Jon Carter. It was love a first sight and they were inseparable ever since. Despite being a broke nightwatchman at the Space-Time Museum, Carter's marriage proposal was accepted. During the wedding, he realized he had to do better by her and suddenly ran off. He borrowed a time suit on loan from the future collection and went to the 21st century to make a fortune for them as Booster Gold. At some point, he returned and they wed. However, the marriage drove Montgomery mad. He was the worst husband ever and squandered her family fortune on terrible investments like beach front property on Pluto, nuclear barbecues, and self-zipping pants. Plus, he went bald and snored like a lumberjack. Montgomery became a super villain named Red Velvet and went back in time to the 21st century to get revenge on Booster Gold.

Booster Gold wrote an autobiography titled "All That Glitters" and included Montgomery in about nine chapters. Red Velvet appeared at an "All That Glitters" signing at Gotham Books. A Batman cosplayer asked her if she was an Elseworlds Harley Quinn. Booster saw her ring and concluded she was a Red Lantern. Velvet stated they were both wrong and fired lasers from her ring. Booster grabbed the cosplayer, formed a force sphere, and hid behind a bookshelf. Velvet revealed she attacked to get Booster's attention then collapsed the building. On Sunday, Booster Gold told Batman, Green Arrow, and Wonder Woman about his book signing at Gotham Books but they never heard of Red Velvet. Arrow suspected he scammed her then an intruder alert was set off. Arrow pointed out that happened a lot this year. Red Velvet appeared then referred to Booster Gold as "MJ" and he knew the truth. She was his fiancee.

Velvet revealed she went further back in time and blasted through the Earth's crust so that at that exact moment, the volcano where the Watchtower was built on would erupt. Batman, Booster, Arrow, and Wonder Woman managed to flee in Justice-1 but the Watchtower was destroyed. Red Velvet found them and opened fire. She hit the left wing and caused heavy damage to the port engines. Booster's suit finished charging and he jumped to the future with Batman. They tried to change the timeline by making sure he wed his fiancee but Batman realized they couldn't and objected. Batman pointed out Red Velvet was wearing a golden ruby wedding band identical to the one Booster put on Montgomery's finger. Red Velvet appeared and confirmed the marriage drove her mad. Batman tagged her right shoulder with a mini-Batarang and it electrocuted her. Velvet continued about how terrible Booster was. Montgomery called off the marriage. The day of the destruction of the Watchtower became an alternate timeline. Batman confirmed there was no record of Velvet in the present or future anymore. Batman attempted to console Booster Gold but he almost immediately asked for Giganta's phone number.