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Real Identity: Rath
Affiliations: Brothers Djinn
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Classic Rock and Abate and Switch)
Powers/Skills: Flight, Knowledge of Magic, Enhanced Strength, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Jason J. Lewis

Rath is one of the Brothers Djinn, five vile ghouls who ruled primitive Earth until they were defeated by The Wizard Shazam and Adam. They were imprisoned within the walls of the Rock of Eternity until centuries later when the corrupted Adam freed them. Nyorlath, Rath, and Abnegazar attempted to reignite the fissure in Calythos' second volcano but were chased by Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. Rath wanted nothing more than to beat them into a pulp but Nyorlath instead cast a spell to take away their powers. After the League threw off the spell by swapping costumes and looks, Superman and Wonder Woman decked Rath. Black Adam returned and transformed the Brothers into giant monsters. Plastic Man fashioned himself into a slingshot and gave Swamp Thing the signal. They catapulted Rath. Constantine moved his portal right in Rath's path.