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Real Identity: Oswald Cobblepot
Appearances: Double Cross and E. Nigma, Consulting Detective
Appearances (Webisodes): Super Stakeout
Powers/Skills: Organized Crime
Voiced By: Dana Snyder

The Penguin organized a heist of $500,000 but it was in turn stolen by Two-Face. Angered with being made into a patsy, Penguin put out a hit on Two-Face. Deadshot took on the contract. Penguin wanted his money back and ordered Deadshot to bring him back alive, but clarified Two-Face didn't have to be in the best condition. Penguin warned Deadshot that Batman had Two-Face but Deadshot told him not to be worried. Deadshot failed to fulfill the contract and was captured by Plastic Man.

The Penguin caught Riddler, Green Arrow, and Wonder Woman sneaking around in his Iceberg Lounge. Penguin remarked it was good to see him and noticed two heroes with him. Riddler promised he meant to call. Peguin grumbled and fired his umbrella. Wonder Woman dashed in front of Riddler and deflected the bullets at the stairwell entrance. Penguin was startled and fell over. His hordes of henchmen attacked. Penguin composed himself and fired at the ceiling. The hanging ice fell onto the battle below. He aimed at Riddler and fired but he was empty. Penguin threw the umbrella to the floor and tried to leave but Wonder Woman jumped and landed in his path then cracked her knuckles.

On Batman's behalf, Green Arrow searched for the Penguin. The Penguin holed himself at a warehouse near the docks by the time Arrow caught up. He elected to start a stakeout but Plastic Man arrived and tried to help. On his own and trying to prove he could blend in, as a rat, he eavesdropped on Penguin searching the cabinets in vain for food. A cat tried to pounce him. One of the two henchman opened the door and saw a pizza box. They each took a slice and bit down but Plastic Man revealed himself. Penguin fired his umbrella at him then ordered his men to handle him. Penguin ran for his boat but he tripped over a cable. Plastic Man caught up and saw the cable reeled into a potted plant. Green Arrow reiterated that's what he meant by blending in.