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Nuclear Family

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Nuclear Family Values
Powers/Skills: Radioactivity, Electromagnetic Pulse, Thermal Pulse, and Blast Wave
Voiced By: Kevin Shinick (Dad), Melissa Disney (Mom and Brat), Jason J. Lewis (Biff), Rachel Kimsey (Sis)

A scientist named Dr. Eric Shanner opposed nuclear warfare and built a nuclear family to show the terrible effect of that power on ordinary people. This family consisted of androids based on a stereotypical nuclear family - a dad, a mom, a twin brother and sister, a younger brother, and a dog. He had no idea how well he built these androids until the day of the demonstration. They absorbed the blast power and escaped. Every since then, they've been at large. Dad's strength was increased by the radiation, Mom could emit an electromagnetic pulse, Biff could shoot thermal pulses, Sis could shoot a blast wave from her eyes and mouth, and Brat and Dog fired radioactive fallout. They lived on the run for several years, squatting in fallout shelters and hazardous waste dumps. Dad and Mom tired of being on the move and wanted to settle down and raise their family at a place they could call home. They chose the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant. With it blown up, they could live in peace in a radioactive wasteland.

They attacked the plant, breached security and compromised the central nuclear core. The plant was evacuated for its employees. The Watchtower picked up the alert but with 10 minutes to go until total meltdown, no member of the Justice League was close enough to intercept in time. Luckily, Firestorm was already on his way. He found the Family in the core setting up their living quarters. Professor Stein attempted to warn Firestorm about them but he saw them as just robots. They were offended and Mom stated they preferred to be called "automated Americans." Dad asked Sis to teach him a lesson in manners. Sis blasted him out of the core into the plant's toxic waste vault. Unaware of where he was, Firestorm powered up and accidentally ignited the chemicals. The Family recovered Firestorm and placed him in a harness that connected him to the main reactor. Everytime he struggled, Firestorm's power was absorbed by the reactor.

Professor Stein theorized a super charge to the fuel rod pool should free them and advised Firestorm to lure one of the androids in. Firestorm transmutated a giraffe inflatable into a squirrel. Dog fell for it and jumped in. Firestorm powered up and blew the Family off their feet. He landed with Dog but it bit his arm. Dad regreted having to fight Firestorm since their powers made them kin. Firestorm drew up a force field as they blasted at him. Dad asked Mom to blow the core overload override lock with her electromagnetic pulse in the meantime. Biff revealed his power was thermal pulses and declared the heat was on. Firestorm had thought of the same catchphrase earlier and thought it sounded corny when he said it. Firestorm switched his strategy and absorbed Biff's power then Dog and Brat's. Just as Mom powered up in the control room, Firestorm transmutated a hose near her into a special harness and locked her up. Dad clocked Firestorm into the fuel rod pool and forced him to the bottom. Firestorm instead powered up and sent Dad flying.

Firestorm turned the pool water into giant arms and grabbed the Nuclear Family. Firestorm mused if they were family, they should hug it out instead. The Nuclear Family vanished in the explosion. When Stein asked what happened, Firestorm admitted he didn't have the heart to destroy them. Instead, he miniaturized them and placed them in a glass globe where they could finally have the home and peace they dreamed of. The Family took to their new surroundings and relaxed by the backyard pool. Wonder Woman admired Firestorm for being powerful and compassionate, Batman was concerned he might be too soft on criminals, and Superman offered him the chance to become a candidate for Justice League membership.