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Real Identity: Mongul
Appearances: Galaxy Jest
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: John DiMaggio

Mongul is an alien conqueror and emperor of Warworld. Mongul and Superman became enemies at some point. He selected the Joker of Earth to entertain his warriors. Mongul's cruiser fired its tractor beam at Earth and pulled Joker aboard against his will. Mongul ordered Joker to make his warriors laugh or he would die. Batman contacted the Justice League to recover the Joker while he searched Gotham for the clown's Gutbuster bomb before it went off at midnight. The Joker's material failed to entertain the warriors. Mongul jumped down into the arena. Joker had one last zinger and held out his hand to shake. Mongul was zapped with a joy buzzer. The warriors gasped then broke out in laughter. Mongul was angered and decided to throw the Joker out of an airlock into space. Superman was waiting and blasted him with his heat vision. Mongul erupted from the floor and attacked. The battle made its way back to arena, where the warriors chanted for a fight. Mongul produced a giant mace. Superman used his X-Ray vision to locate the cruiser's engine room.

Once Mongul swung, Superman dodged and blasted the mace off its hilt with heat vision then threw into Mongul. He decked Mongul to the rear of the ship and set off a chain reaction of explosions. Superman later returned to the cruiser and exhaled 50,000 tons of the Joker's Super Laughing Gas into it. Mongul and his warriors couldn't stop laughing. Between laughs, Mongul was able to utter he hated Superman.