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Mr. Mind

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Real Identity: Mr. Mind
Appearances: Follow That Space Cab! and The Brain Buster
Powers/Skills: Regeneration, Engineering, and Planning
Voiced By: Oliver Vaquer

Mr. Mind is an evil worm with the power to regenerate his body even after extreme circumstances. Despite his small stature and unassuming appearance, Mr. Mind is an intergalactic terrorist who has fought the Justice League over the years. In recent times, he took out a loan from the mobster Boss Kack to fund his latest conquest. When Kack came calling for repayment, Mind tried to blow him up but failed. Kack placed a bounty on him. Mind was defeated and captured. He was tried before the Galactic Court and found guilty. He was remanded to Superman's custody to serve out his sentence at the Watchtower, the Justice League's headquarters on Earth. They were attacked by bounty hunters Lobo and Jonas in space.

Luckily, Superman and Mind found themselves in the back of Space Cab. The cab took a jolt from Lobo and Jonas' blasters. As a result, Mind's prison globe cracked. While Space Cabbie was distracted by the battle between Superman and Hawkman, Mind escaped and sneaked through the dashboard's vents. He opted to rewire the cab's transwarp drive and triple fusion power core and rig it to explode, taking everyone out in one fell swoop. Space Cabbie noticed a discharge and tried to grab for Mind but Mind placed a fan in his hand's path. Cabbie tried a different plan and catered to Mind's ego, complmenting him as the Mister Mind who fought the Justice League to stand still and was infamous as the most ruthless evil intergalactic villain. Mind preferred to be called a visionary iconoclast but confirmed as much. Cabbie asked to take a photo with him for his collection of celebrity encounters. Mind refused at first but caved in though he requested not to be touched. Mind was blinded by the camera flash. Cabbie quickly grabbed him.

Lobo and Superman soon crashed onto the cab's hood and totaled it. Mind slithered out of the cab through a hole in the windshield but Lobo grabbed him. Lobo was forced to drop him once Superman and Hawkman came to. Lobo back up and stepped on Mister Mind, squashing him in half. Lobo opted to keep the top half and tossed Superman the lower half of the body. He left to collect the reward. Boss Kack had the squashed cells verified as Mind's DNA but wanted the rest of him. Lobo didn't know that difference that would make and demanded his reward. Kack snapped his fingers and his floating drones lined up their laser sights on Lobo. Kack was not pleased with Lobo's lack of knowledge on worms. Mister Mind's other half fully generated and but he soon realized he was in his intended prison at the Watchtower. Space Cabbie took another photo with him. Mind remarked he hated everyone.

Mr. Mind saw Mr. Terrific's list of the five smartest people on Earth and came up with a plan to kidnap them all. Mind sent a robot with a teleporting function to Earth who then sent The Brain, Calculator, Lex Luthor, Mr. Terrific, and Batman to an alien planet that was terraformed by Mind into a series of tests he called the "Brain Games". The Brain Games were designed to test their intellectual limitations. Mind would install his mind into the winner, take their I.Q. as an added bonus, and finally make his presence as large as his greatness. Mind masked his appearance and voice with a giant construct of glasses on fire. He explained the winner would get prize while the losers would be obliterated. He teleported them to a race track and instructed them to shape the colored sphere in their dashboards into an optically pleasing shape in order to get their cars moving.

In the second round, Mr. Terrific abandoned his pursuit of the second red pad and flew toward's Mind's construct then opened fire. Mind declared he was disqualified and teleported him into a containment cube. Mind sent Batman and Luthor to the final round, a chess match on a lifesize board. He introduced a drone that would fire on them every second they didn't make their move in lieu of a chess clock. Luthor destroyed Batman's chess piece then declared checkmate. Mind congratulated Luthor for winning with his ingenuity and resourcefulness and declared him the smartest of the smart. Mind proceeded with his reward, destruction. The robot emerged from below the board and immobilized Luthor with a bear hug. Mr. Mind revealed himself and the robot affixed a helmet on Luthor to facilitate the transfer of Mind's brain. He failed to notice Mr. Terrific escaped his prison by using the T-Sphere that doubled as his mask. Terrific then freed Batman. Terrific disrupted the transfer then Batman electrocuted the robot into submission.

Mr. Terrific fired his T-Sphere on Mind and trapped him in a spherical prison. Mind admitted he was surprised by Mr. Terrific and didn't expect him to be victorious. Mr. Terrific, in turn, admitted he didn't like to draw too much attention to himself then revealed he wrote the list himself.