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Lex Luthor

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Real Identity: Lex Luthor
Appearances: Repulse!, Luthor in Paradise, Inside Job, Best Day Ever, Superman Red vs. Superman Blue, The Brain Buster, and Race Against Crime
Appearances (Webisodes): It's a Trap! and Plastic Man of Steel
Powers/Skills: Scientific Genius, Engineering, and Piloting
Voiced By: James Woods

Lex Luthor is an evil genius and Superman's greatest enemy. He wears an indestructible battle suit of his own design. Luthor engineered nanobots designed to feed on the solar radiation in a Kryptonian body, namely Superman's, and called it Repulse. The Repulse would replicate into the millions and produce a geometrically increasing repulsive electromagnetic charge. Everything around Superman would be repelled and he would be a constant danger. Luthor coated himself in Repulse and roamed the streets of Metropolis to lure Superman into battle. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkman responded. Eventually, Superman cut a hole in the street with heat vision and Luthor fell into the sewers. He returned to his underground lair but was followed by Superman. Superman grabbed Repulse and realized it was Luthor all along. Luthor was turned over to the police and incarcerated at Stryker's Island Penitentiary. Superman was overcome by the Repulse and flew into space.

Wonder Woman and Hawkman went to Stryker's and demanded to know how to save Superman. Luthor claimed he didn't know what they were talking about. Hawkman dispensed with formalities and pulled off a section of the prison door. Wonder Woman stepped in and slammed Luthor against the wall then tied him up in the Lasso of Truth. She asked again. Luthor was compelled to tell the truth and explained what his Repulse was then theorized something more powerful than the Sun could drain off the power of the nanobots. Wonder Woman and Hawkman took Luthor with them on Justice-1 and flew to Black Hole XT-357. While they watched Superman flew near the black hole's event horizon and drain the Repulse, Luthor rescaped his restraints and hijacked Justice-2. He opened fire on Superman in an effort to push him into the black hole. However, a meteor collided with Justice-2 and sent Luthor flying towards the black hole. Superman went after Luthor. Luthor marveled at seeing the center but knew the Repulse's protection wouldn't last. Superman saw the Lasso of Truth and grabbed hold. Wonder Woman pulled them out. The last of the Repulse drained off. Luthor realized the Repulse was still operating in the collapsing black hole and advised a quick departure. Soon after, a massive explosion was triggered. Luthor was returned to prison and Superman was medically cleared.

Circe and Luthor allied together to steal the Oculus of the Argo from Hippolyta and share its power then conquer Olympus. However, Luthor always planned to double cross her. He arrived on Themyscira then breached Hippolyta's throne room. He easily melted the swords of her guards then knocked them out. He requested the Oculus of the Argo to her surprise. She knew her staff would lead him to it. Luthor fired his gauntlet at her but the staff absorbed the energy and redirected it back at him. Luthor shot a column and it pinned Hippolyta. Wonder Woman suddenly arrived and blocked his next salvo then uppercut him. Circe blasted her out of the temple then trapped her in the Hands of Hercules. Luthor asked for the staff again but Hippolyta refused and flipped him. Circe took advantage of the distraction and blasted her. She took the staff and created a portal to the Fallen Realm. They found the Oculus in a temple. Luthor shed his battle suit and put the Oculus on his chest.

Luthor was infused with the power of Zeus. He even took on his godly visage - a toga, beard, and lovely flowing hair. Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman insisted Luthor would betray her but he threw lightning bolts at them. Superman wasn't impressed. Circe proceeded to turn them into trees as a warning to their other enemies. Luthor found it creative but wanted them to leave quickly. Superman used his heat vision to blast Circe away then Wonder Woman threw her lasso on him. He was told to reveal his plan. He complied. Wonder Woman then asked what of Circe. Luthor couldn't resist and quickly admitted he was going to ditch her the minute they took over Olympus. Circe was infuriated and couldn't believe she almost made him her equal. Luthor was amused and announced he was her superior. She wasn't so sure and pointed. The Oculus fell off Luthor and he returned to normal. Circe zapped Luthor in the butt repeatedly then released Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman from her spell when she was done with him. Superman apprehended Luthor.

Luthor broke into a branch of S.T.A.R. Labs in Metropolis. Police officers and S.W.A.T. fired in vain at Luthor's force field as he walked to a vault. He was disappointed when only Batman arrived then threw an exploding Batarang at him. He casually picked it off his armor and let it detonate in his glove. He shot at Batman. Wonder Woman ordered him to surrender and kicked Luthor into a wall. A small piece of debris bounced off his head. He activated a shoulder cannon. Wonder Woman jeered him to try it. Luthor indulged her but instead of shooting it at her, he fired a cluster missile upwards at the ceiling. While she held up a large slab that fell to protect the people in the room, Luthor flew out of the hole. He quickly modified the stolen item. Superman was waiting and mused it was over. Luthor was annoyed and launched his weapon. It dispersed a green gas over the city. Superman inhaled it and flew off into space to exhale it. Luthor fled the scene. In reality, Superman was infected with nanobots programmed to harvest the solar energy in Superman's cells, effectively killing him. Batman, in his Batjet, and Wonder Woman surrounded Luthor. He mocked them. Superman returned and lost consciousness.

Luthor flew off and returned to his lair to watch Superman's death. He observed the livestream from Superman's bloodstream and gloated his vitals dropped. He estimated Superman would be dead within the hour. The nanobot feed went offline after Wonder Woman punched out its energy harvesting machine. Luthor was irate Superman was convalescing but soon realized the Atom was assisting in his recovery. Luthor flew to the Watchtower and breached its dome. Red Tornado tried to defend the base and blasted Luthor with his tornado attacks. Luthor affixed himself in the breach with grapnel lines then fired off a powerful electrical blast that took Tornado out. Luthor located Superman, unconscious and unprotected. He brandished a Kryptonite ray gun and blasted Superman. The Atom exited Superman's mouth and knocked the gun out of his hands. Luthor opened fire and chased after Atom. He eventually blasted him into wall. Luthor readied the finishing blow but Superman sneezed Batman and Wonder Woman out. They returned to normal size and happened to fall on Luthor. Wonder Woman knocked Luthor in the head then tied his hands up with her Lasso of Truth.

Following the principle of "know thine enemy," Luthor studied every detail about Superman and formulated a trap for him. He made up a name of a woman he kidnapped, Brie Gruyere, and sent a message to Superman. He anticipated where Superman would step and set a trigger for a cannon in the ceiling that would electrocute him. He then figured out which floor of a building Superman would tackle him into and tied up the Brie mannequin to a chair and hid a Kryptonite-armed baseball bat there. Superman found the hideout and performed as he anticipated. Superman threw the girder pinning Luthor up through the hole in the ceiling then walked to the Brie mannequin. He was gased but questioned every aspect of Luthor's plan and how he could have correctly guessed it. Luthor indulged him and explained then got out the baseball bat. Superman even questioned it. Luthor stammered simplicity was deceptively complicated. Just as he prepared to strike Superman, the girder from earlier landed on top of Luthor. Superman revealed he knew something was wrong once he realized the name of the victim was two cheeses put together.

For unknown reasons, Luthor hired Deadshot to take out Wonder Woman. He failed. Luthor was arrested after an incident involving a bomb of ultimate destruction. Superman unknowingly confiscated a prototype. He was placed in a special cell at Stryker's with a guard aiming her gun at him at all times. One day, he went on about rationalizing building a bomb was different than using it and considered the former to be more of a hobby. The Joker sneaked up on the guard and knocked her out with party favor gas. Luthor found his presence random. Joker encouraged him to kiss and pressed his lips to the glass. Luthor declined. Joker laughed and remarked he was still the same then signaled him to follow. Luthor pointed out he was in his cell. Joker used his Mother Box to boom into the cell. Luthor was naturally intrigued. The Flash found Joker, prompting him to boom himself and Luthor out of the penitentiary. They found themselves in knee-deep water. Luthor remarked the Mother Box was a little off. Joker mused it did its job at least.

Luthor was suspicious since they were only tenuous allies before, at best. Joker insisted it was because he sometimes worried Luthor wasn't happy. Luthor countered he worried Joker was completely off his medication and stormed off but was met by Wonder Woman's sword. He realized where they were at Themyscira. Joker mocked the island's no men policy and continued wading. Wonder Woman announced they were both under arrest. Joker threw a hand of exploding cards at her shield and activated Mother Box. They boomed onto a log flume at an amusement park. Luthor was not amused. Next, they went to the North Pole and spray painted on the front doors of the Fortress of Solitude. 'Superman' was sprayed on then the 'man' was crossed out and replaced with 'nerd'. Krypto the Superdog exited the Fortress and chased them away. He managed to bite off a piece from the rear of Joker's pants. They boomed into the Watchtower but Batman left Ace the Bathound behind as a precaution. Ace bit off the other side of Joker's pants.

Joker and Luthor went to a casino next, where Joker held up a dealer with a Joker Fish. He pushed over all the chips but Zatanna teleported in and cast from her wand. Joker and Luthor boomed away in time. They drove a professional race car around a track during a race in progress. Cyborg flew after them from the rear but Joker threw out sticks of dynamite. Joker and Luthor went to an art museum next. While Luthor stared into a green abstract painting, the Joker painted the character in "The Scream" into a clown but Green Arrow shot an arrow into his brush. They boomed away to avoid a net arrow. Joker went to a Big Belly Burger drive-thru and ordered two Belly Busters, heavy all, three Belly Tacos with lot's of jalapenos, and Double Belly Cheese Fries. Luthor only wanted hot tea. Joker finished off his last burger in Cairo as he fired the Mother Box into the sky at Hawkman. Luthor couldn't meditate with all the noise. Joker opened the floor to suggestions for a more private place. Luthor obliged him and entered coordinates to one of his secret hideouts.

Luthor revealed it was where he went to meditate, focus his intellect, and create his most ingenius inventions. Joker tricked him into admitting the real Bomb of Ultimate Destruction was being kept there and pulled his Mother Box on him. Joker insisted he wasn't completely lying to Luthor the whole time and proclaimed it really was the best day ever. Joker set the countdown to five minutes and stated Mother Box calculated a 0.2% chance of survival. Luthor deduced he meant for the Justice Leaguers to follow them to the hideout and take as many out as he could. As he anticipated, the League arrived. During the skirmish, Luthor pressed a button under his keyboard and tried to assemble his war suit but Superman interfered and destroyed his left arm pieces. Luthor got off a chest laser on him but Wonder Woman struck him with her sword. Joker blasted Wonder Woman from behind then drop kicked Batman as he still tried to free himself. Luthor entered a password from an invisible keypad and brought out a canister of Kryptonite.

Superman immediately fell to the ground. Luthor asked Joker to keep the others busy while he took out the biggest threat. Joker declared it was now a party. Luthor bashed Joker in the head with the canister then turned off the bomb with a second to spare. Luthor put the Kryptonite away and surrendered it to Batman then handed Joker's Mother Box to Superman. Luthor didn't want to die in a blaze of glory like Joker envisioned. Luthor was content with returning to the sanity of a prison cell but the Joker was assigned to be his roommate. Karen wheeled him into the cell. Luthor heard about S.T.A.R. Labs' pulse regulator prototype and stole it. He told the scientists they should be honored he deemed their device decent enough to steal. Luthor took apart the regulator and inserted its Quantum Battery into his new Kryptonite Radiation Emitter to intensify its power. Superman cut him off. Luthor fired his Emitter at Superman but nothing happened at first. Luthor insisted his calculations were perfect. Superman suddenly split into two versions of himself, a red one and a blue one.

Luthor found the development unexpected and considered he didn't carry the one. The Supermen stated Luthor was coming with them. Luthor laughed and flew away. The Superman leaped to another roof and fired their heat vision at Luthor's rocket boots. Luthor lost control and made a rough landing. Superman Red landed on his back. Superman Blue tried to talk things out but was met with more violence. Luthor boasted he was more brilliant than he suspected and ran into an alley. Wonder Woman was waiting and shoved him into some garbage cans. She didn't heed his warning and Luthor blasted her with the emitter. She split like Superman. Luthor tried to run off as they fought but the red threw the blue into him and they collided with a parked car. Superman and Wonder Woman Blue took Luthor to the Watchtower and he was placed in a prison cell. Luthor took offense to Green Arrow calling his emitter faulty and declared it exceeded his expectations. Wonder Woman Blue brought him a spare blanket while Superman Blue brought a pillow then rushed off to heat up some of Flash's left over meat loaf for him.

Batman tracked Superman and Wonder Woman Red to one of Luthor's abandoned labs but he was split by the emitter, too. The three reds went to the Watchtower with a plan to connect the emitter and beam its signal through the League satellites around the world and split everyone at once, including the Justice League. Green Arrow accidentally fired the emitter and split Luthor. Luthor Red, the good version, knocked out Luthor Blue with a chair and offered his help as part of ruse to save the world. The reds fell for it. Luthor Red wired the emitter into the Watchtower's power core to solve the battery issue then prepared to beam the signal. Instead, he activated blasters in the ceiling to target Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman Red. They were restored back to normal. Luthor apologized to Batman and Arrow for the subterfuge but he felt it was the most expedient solution. Batman deduced the red version was an aberration while the blue version was a person's true nature.

Arrow stopped Luthor Red from blasting himself and insisted a good Luthor would be great for the world. Luthor Red insisted this wasn't the way it was meant to be. He stated great heroes made great sacrifices then made his own sacrifice. He fired the emitter on himself and returned to normal. Luthor was angered he was betrayed and beaten by the one person he always thought he could trust. Himself. To add further insult, Superman praised Luthor and declared he always knew there was a good side to him but didn't figure it was his smartest side, too. Luthor scowled. He was taken to a maximum security complex. Luthor made Mr. Terrific's world's smartest list which made him a target of Mr. Mind, who wanted a new body to match his powerful brain. While he enjoyed several games of chess against himself, Mr. Mind's robot broke into the facility. Luthor was intrigued and disassembled his tech. Automated drones arrived and opened fire. The robot grabbed Luthor then sped off into a portal.

Luthor's abduction was the third in 24 hours and caught Batman's attention. Luthor found himself stranded on an alien world with the Brain and Calculator. The robot soon came for Mr. Terrific and Batman. After Terrific arrived, Luthor broke up Brain and Calculator's bickering and declared their gathering couldn't get any worse. Then Batman arrived. Mr. Mind hid himself behind the construct of giant flaming reading glasses and revealed they were selected for the Brain Games, a competition designed to test their intellectual limitations. Luthor objected to the thought of lowering his standards to compete with rabble. Luthor was the first to figure out how to start their race car by shaping the dashboard's sphere into the shape of glasses. During the race, he opened the sphere and inserted his memory card. His car gained a large increase in speed. To Luthor's shock, Mr. Terrific's car sailed over his with Batman in tow and crossed the finish line. Luthor was eager to go on to the second round. He assembled the tech he was using the play virtual chess with as the others raced towards the two red pads.

Luthor shot Terrific in the back with his laser blaster but Terrific countered and rammed him with his T-Spheres. Luthor landed on the second red pad and won while Terrific disqualified himself and fired at Mind. Batman and Luthor proceeded to the final round and found themselves on a giant chess board. Luthor noted he never lost a chess match. He blasted Batman's piece then declared checkmate. Mind congratulated Luthor for his ingenuity and resourcefulness and declared he was the smartest of the smart. The robot emerged from below the board and grabbed Luthor in a bear hug. The kidnapper revealed himself as Mr. Mind and detailed his plan was to put his brain into the smartest person on Earth and take their IQ as an added bonus. Mr. Terrific escaped his prison and interrupted the transfer with his sphere then Batman took down the robot with an electrified bola. Terrific trapped Mind next. Luthor realized Batman was toying with him in the final round. Batman confirmed he was just a pawn that was sacrified to help Terrific's plan.

Lex Luthor read Lois Lane's latest article about Superman and noticed somethings said about him that were libel. He donned a new suit and flew to the Daily Planet. After blasting Superman with red sun radiation, he demanded a retraction then decided to kill Superman. He picked Superman up by the collar, swung him around, and nailed Kent as he threw him into the giant globe. Plastic Man assumed Superman's form and flung himself into Luthor then shoved him off the roof. Luthor flew back and punched him then picked him up and put an electric disc on him. Lane noticed the off button on the back of Luthor's suit and pushed it. Luthor lost power and fell down. Luthor teamed up with Chronos to complete the Time Suit, a new weapon that could control time. Hero Tracker GPS devices worn by the Flash and Superman during a charity race were rigged to emit energy signals from their Speed Force and thanks to Luthor's satellite connections, they were quickly transferred to the Time Suit.

Once the suit was fully charged, Luthor double crossed Chronos and blasted him with a laser gun. Chronos couldn't believe it and wanted to know why. Luthor settled on his whiny voice as the reason. He put on the Time Suit and tried its power on a falcon flying over the compound. He stopped the time around it, freezing it in place, then rapidly aged Chronos into an elderly man. Luthor departed but discovered aging Chronos took 10% of the suit's power. Luthor caught up to Flash and Superman with super speed then taunted them. He ran ahead to a beach and raised a time-wall at the shoreline. Superman didn't think otherwise and ran into it. He was knocked on his back. Luthor issued a warning to Flash to convey to rest of the League then broke into S.T.A.R. Labs. He froze the two entrance guards then battled Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, and Cyborg. Luthor was too fast for them and froze them in time then aged Cyborg. He raised a time-wall around the property then entered the building and froze the scientists in time.

Luthor took control of S.T.A.R. Labs' satellites then used them to get into other satellite systems, namely defense satellites so he could piggyback into every missile system in the world, starting with the U.S. government's. The Flash discovered he couldn't vibrate his molecules through the time-wall. Batman arrived and briefed Flash and Superman about how Chronos and Luthor used them to power the Time Suit. He reprogrammed Superman's Hero Tracker to send its energy signal to Flash's and increase his power. Flash vibrated through and taunted Luthor just as he activated a 15 second countdown. They fought around the room. Luthor pinned Flash on the console but he vibrated his right hand free and cancelled the countdown. While Luthor was distracted, Flash decked him with an uppercut and his Time Suit went offline. The time-wall dropped and everyone was restored to normal. Superman promised to have Luthor back at Stryker's Island in 15 seconds. Flash stated he could do it in two. Superman proposed a race. They ran on water with Superman holding up a bound Luthor with one hand. He screamed for his life.