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Klarion the Witch Boy

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Real Identity: Klarion
Appearances: Trick or Threat and Supernatural Adventures of Babysitting
Powers/Skills: Mastery of Magic
Voiced By: Noel Fisher

Klarion the Witch Boy is a powerful but evil magic user who wishes to rule the Earth as Sorceror Supreme. He has been a mystic threat to the Justice League for years. In a story told by Cain, the House of Mystery once appeared in a small neighborhood and drew the attention of Dr. Fate. He went to check on the House with Constantine, Batman, and Zatanna to make sure no mortals were stuck inside. Klarion ambushed them and turned them into 10 year old children with no memory of who they were. He came up with a plan to trick them into entering the House and stranding them there after he stole the Helmet of Fate. With the Helmet's power, he would rule the world. Klarion changed into the form a child in a black cat costume and transmogrified two rats into bullies dressed as army soldiers. They pretended to terrorize Klarion and take his candy. The Justice League came to his defense and chased the bullies away.

Klarion told them a story about how the bullies were storing their stolen loot in the House of Mystery. While they checked the perimeter, Klarion released the rats and returned them to their true forms. As soon as the children entered the House, Klarion turned on them and snapped his finger. The carpet wrapped them up and rolled down the hall. He commanded several monsters to go after them. Eventually, the children came across a Mirror of Truth and realized they were the Justice League. Klarion walked down from the ceiling and admitted he, too, was a familiar face. He stood in front of the Mirror and revealed he was Klarion then told them his evil master plan. He motioned his hand and knocked the Helmet of Fate off Dr. Fate's head. He placed it on but Constantine enchanted his red hot cinnamon balls and super heated the Helmet. Klarion fell and the Helmet rolled off. He struggled to keep hold of it. Constantine and Fate played hot potato with it. Before Zatanna could attempt a spell, Klarion shot gum over her mouth.

The monsters from earlier arrived in the room. Klarion ordered them to bring him the Helmet. The children fashioned a game of rugby and beat up the monsters with ease. Klarion sent his cat Teekl after them. It transformed into a tiger but Zatanna changed a chair into a cage around it. Klarion couldn't believe it. Dr. Fate put the Helmet back on and banished the monsters then ordered the House of Mystery to obey the will of Fate. It complied and released the children. Klarion and Teekl ran for the front door but Zatanna cast a spell and shut the door on him. The House vanished soon after. The children returned to their normal adult selves. As the House spun around in a limbo dimension, Klarion looked out a window in terror.

Klarion felt the presence of the Magdalene Grimoire, a spellbook he spent five centuries searching for, in a Mr. Anderson's home and flew in through a window. Teekl followed. Courtney Whitmore, also known as Stargirl, happened to be in the middle of babysitting the professor's son, Timmy. Timmy found Klarion and asked who he was. Klarion claimed he was his newest and coolest friend. Timmy asked if he wanted to play hide-and-seek. Klarion proposed he hide and count to 8000 and if he couldn't find Timmy, he'd give him anything he wanted. Timmy wanted a smartphone. Klarion hushed him off to hide. Klarion overheard Courtney calling out. Annoyed, he ordered Teekl to find the grimoire while he kept everyone in the house distracted. He turned into Timmy and caused a mess in the study. Courtney barely caught several antiquities in time as he crawled across a mantle. He jumped to the top of a high bookshelf and tossed books down in search of the grimoire. He landed on a swivel chair nonchalant. Teekl peered out of a chest behind her.

Klarion leaped into her arms and declared he was hungry. He pounded the kitchen table and demanded more boysenberry in his sandwich. To his annoyance, Teekl kept returning with the wrong object and in turn Courtney thought he was talking down to her. She eventually noticed Teekl and chased it in to the study. Klarion ate his sandwich and followed. He noticed the Magdalene Grimoire on the floor and couldn't contain himself. Courtney picked him and asked him to wait outside. He had enough and revealed himself then took the grimoire. He cast a massive flame blast. Courtney barely rolled out of the study in time. She called Batman for help. He didn't do any babysitting but she uploaded a photo of Klarion to the Batmobile. Batman soon arrived with Constantine. They soon discovered Klarion erected a magic barrier to protect himself. He was amused with Constantine's efforts to take down the shield and flooded the other side of the study. In love with the grimoire, he tried another spell but it simply opened a portal to a bar with some demon women.

Klarion closed it, to Constantine's annoyance. He tried marbles then literally shoved a sofa into the barrier. Timmy finished counting and asked Klarion for his smartphone. Klarion called him a brat then telekinetically shoved him to the floor. Constantine cast a Japanese spell and finally broke the barrier. Batman quickly threw a Batarang but Klarion opened a portal in front of him. A tentacle reached out and grabbed Batman. Klarion was ready to leave but Stargirl opposed him. Teekl charged but she used her Cosmic Staff to psychokinetically throw it into a bookshelf then pulled at the grimoire. Klarion held on with all his might. She released the staff's hold and he smacked himself in the face with the grimoire. She got the book into Constantine's grasp. Batman tossed Bat Bombs into the beast's mouth and it released them. Klarion demanded the book back. Constantine obliged then punched him across the room. The beast grabbed Klarion before he could retaliate. Constantine cast a spell to close the portal. Klarion called out to Teekl but it couldn't free him. They were both pulled through the portal.