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Killer Frost

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Real Identity: Crystal Frost
Appearances: Freezer Burn
Powers/Skills: Cryokinesis and Heat Absorption
Voiced By: Mena Suvari

Killer Frost is a criminal with the power to generate cold. Frost was in a freak accident involving a thermafrost chamber. She emerged from the explosion with the power to harness heat and convert it into cold. Mr. Freeze issued her an invite to join him on his plan to freeze the city. She was eager to meet her idol and went to Gotham City in the middle of July with Firestorm in pursuit. Frost fired icicles at him but he transmutated them into ice cream cones. Professor Stein was shocked he was flirting with her since she was his polar opposite and a criminal. Stein suggested contacting Batman but Firestorm felt he had enough adult supervision. He vowed to melt her cold heart and transmutated the flagpole he hit into a flame thrower. Frost drew up a shield. The flame thrower was plugged and Firestorm was blown into a dumpster. She blew him a kiss then skated away. Frost found Mr. Freeze's warehouse hideout and froze Batman in an ice cube. Freeze kicked him into the sewers.

Professor Stein lectured Firestorm about Frost on the mental plane but he was sure she could be rehabilitated since she was still new to being a supervillain. Mr. Freeze thanked Frost for accepting his invitation. However, he knocked her out with a taser then bound her to a device that supplied her with a perpetual source of heat and forced her to supply perpetual cold to Freeze's airship's freeze ray. Firestorm infiltrated the ship and found Frost. After dealing with two automated drones and crippling the device, Firestorm freed Frost. They made their way to the front and helped Batman land the ship. Frost shot sheet of ice to guide the ship to land but it wouldn't halt in time so Firestorm transmutated shipping containers into a giant baseball catcher's mitt. Freeze tried to attack them but Frost froze him solid as payback. Frost winked at Firestorm then decked him with an uppercut and fled the scene. Despite that, Firestorm's hope in her was renewed.