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Real Identity: Kalibak
Appearances: Superman's Pal, Sid Sharp
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Piotr Michael

Kalibak is an elite in Darkseid's inner circle and his son. What Kalibak lacks in intelligence and common sense, he makes up for in savagery and strength. Darkseid armed humans with Apokoliptian weapons to destroy Superman with but they robbed a bank instead. Darkseid tasked Granny Goodness, Desaad, Kanto, and Kalibak with succeeding where the humans failed. Kalibak waved to his father. Desaad stepped forward with a plan ready. Sid Sharp, a reporter at the Daily Planet, was kidnapped by mistake instead of Superman because he came up with a similar costume he called Doctor Scoop. Kalibak couldn't tell the difference. After confirming he was Superman's pal, Sharp asked Darkseid if he had phlegm in his throat or something. He claimed 'team ugly' could follow orders better if they could understand Darkseid. Kalibak claimed his mother told him he was very handsome. Darkseid decided to use Sharp as bait for an ambush. Granny, Kanto, Kalibak, and Desaad weakened Superman with Kryptonite blasts. Kalibak was confused there was another Superman.

Sid Sharp buyed time for Superman to recover and set the elites against each other. He asked them why they were letting Kanto go inform Darkseid and take all the credit. Even Kalibak agreed. He admitted he was hoping for a big hug from his father as a reward. Granny ordered Kalibak to go after him. Kalibak quickly nabbed Kanto and brought him back. Sharp recalled Kanto was going to blame them if the ambush failed then corrected himself and outed Desaad. Kalibak chided Desaad for using dirty tricks. Sharp bought enough time and Superman clocked Darkseid across the throne room. Kalibak raced to his father's side. After Superman boomed back to Earth with Sharp, Darkseid and the others boomed to Desaad. As Darkseid declared he failed him for the last time, Kalibak tapped him on the shoulder and asked if this meant he wasn't getting a hug.