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H.I.V.E. Master

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: H.I.V.E.
Appearances: The Trouble with Truth and Time Out
Appearances (Webisodes): Justice 1, 2, 3, Go!
Powers/Skills: Planning and Piloting
Voiced By: Chris Diamantopoulos, Diedrich Bader (Time Out), and Dana Snyder (Justice 1, 2, 3, Go!)

The H.I.V.E. criminal organization is led by an individual titled H.I.V.E. Master. As they prepared to detonate a Cobalt Fusion Bomb and destroy Metropolis, the Justice League attempted to intervene. The H.I.V.E. Master appeared on a soldier's fail safe device and chided Wonder Woman for using her Lasso of Truth to try and locate the bomb. He mused the soldier would wake up from the sleeping gas after Metropolis was destroyed. As the League approached the docks, Batman deduced H.I.V.E.'s base was hidden nearby. The H.I.V.E. Master appeared on the jet's comms and confirmed Batman was right. But he declared they would never see it. H.I.V.E.'s defense systems activated and opened fire on them. The League and Athena took out the base's defenses then descended underground through a hidden passage. After they took down the stationed H.I.V.E. soldiers, Green Arrow wondered where the Master was.

Almost on cue, the Master dropped down from the ceiling in a bee robot then blasted Arrow with a sticky honey like substance. Wonder Woman dodged the substance and tried to hit the robot. Batman threw a Batarang but the Master fired a laser and buried Batman under debris then launched a limb into Athena. Wonder Woman landed a hit then blocked the robot's laser. She walked forward against the laser then swung her arms out, flipping the robot. She leaped atop and punched the dome then pulled the Master out, noticing his dimunitive stature. He tapped his gauntlet and activated the detonation sequence. He refused to stop the countdown. Wonder Woman observed he was always willing to sacrifice others but not himself. She stuck him to the bomb with the robot's goop and joined the others in loading the escape vehicle with the soldiers. Wonder Woman's bluff paid off. With three seconds left, the Master entered the deactivation code "H.I.V.E. Master, one bee, two bee, three."

H.I.V.E. attempted to recruit new members out of a youth center but Batman heard about it from the streets. Batman, Booster Gold, and Wonder Woman encountered H.I.V.E. Master and his soldiers. As Batman and Wonder Woman decimated his army, H.I.V.E. Master went on rant about how free will was a disease and new social behavior was the new hierarchy. He implored everyone to submit to cooperation and to the H.I.V.E. but Wonder Woman declared the League was shutting his operation down. The Master broadcast a frequency from his robot that allowed him to control every soldier through a hive mind. Batman prompted Booster to take out the device controlling them but he was distracted by the sudden disappearance of a fire hydrant. H.I.V.E. Master fired a net at Booster and entangled him. Batman armed a Batarang and threw it at the Master's robot. It shorted out and fell on its back. The soldiers came to their senses. They realized their master was defeated and they ran off. Wonder Woman gave chase.

The Justice League discovered H.I.V.E.'s cloaked jungle base thanks to Plastic Man's bungling in Justice-4. After Wonder Woman and Batman attacked the base in Justice-2 and Justice-3 respectively, H.I.V.E. Master emerged from a tower in a H.I.V.E. Robot. Batman turned around and attempted to make some distance but the Master fired a missile and Justice-3 was knocked down into a ditch. He gloated and prepared to kill Batman but Plastic Man randomly generated thrust and rammed the H.I.V.E. Robot into the ditch. Batman pulled him from the remains of the robot.