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Real Identity: Jonas Glim
Appearances: Follow That Space Cab!
Powers/Skills: Survival in Space, Tracking, and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Troy Baker

Jonas is an intergalactic bounty hunter. While in pursuit of a bounty on Mister Mind, Jonas worked alongside Lobo. He was surprised to see Lobo take out Superman, Mind's custodian, with one shot. They opened fire on the Space Cab containing Superman and Mind but Space Cabbie took off. They caught up and offered to split the reward with Cabbie but he declined. As they pulled their guns, Cabbie hit the brakes and they blasted themselves. Lobo disabled the cab with a Negative Ion Grenade. While Jonas gloated, Lobo ensnared him in an electrified net then slammed him on his intergalacticycle. Lobo revved the motor and Jonas took off for parts unknown.