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Real Identity: Ghast
Appearances: Hat Trick
Powers/Skills: Rejuvenation, Flight, and Invulnerability
Voiced By:

Ghast is an extradimensional being imprisoned in another dimension. It and Felix Faust communicated somehow and a bargain was struck. In exchange for freedom, Ghast promised to restore Faust's youth. Faust stole Zatanna's magic hat, which was also a mystic portal to other dimensions, and returned to the ruins of a castle somewhere in the Hebrides Islands of Scotland. He started casting a hex but several rabbits popped out of the hat and interrupted him. He completed the hex just as Batman, Zatanna, and Etrigan arrived. A green pulse shot out of the hat into a maelstrom that formed above the castle. Ghast manifested. Faust inquired about his reward. Ghast turned to Faust and reached one of its arms to his forehead. Faust was turned back to his younger self. Ghast flew away from the castle towards a nearby town. It opened its mouth and sucked up anything in its path along the way, including debris, a whale, and fish.

Batman and Etrigan leaped off a tower onto Ghast. Realizing the town nearby was in danger, Batman swung under Ghast and threw out several Batarangs then pushed the trigger. Ghast was jolted by the explosions then Etrigan blasted it with his flame breath. Ghast fell to the ocean but almost immediately recovered and resumed flight. It soon reached the town, causing the residents to flee. A boy tripped and fell. Batman leaped off Ghast and glided after him. He scooped up the boy and handed him off to a man but was hit by debris. Batman was pulled towards Ghast's mouth but Etrigan grabbed him at the last second. Zatanna secured her hat and cast Faust's hex backwards. Her hat glowed green and a beam shot out into the sky. Ghast was forcibly pulled back to the hat. Batman and Etrigan leaped onto a tower as they got closer then Ghast was pulled through the hat's portal.