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Felix Faust

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Real Identity: Felix Faust
Appearances: Hat Trick, Forget Me Not, and Captain Bamboozle
Appearances (Webisodes): The Goddess Must Be Crazy
Powers/Skills: Mastery of Magic
Voiced By: Jon Cryer

Felix Faust is an evil sorcerer. He is clad in a fine Tibetan robe. In his elder years, Faust somehow communicated with Ghast, a powerful being from another dimension. A bargain was struck. If Faust could give Ghast freedom, it would bestow youth on Faust. Faust focused on stealing Zatanna's magic hat since it functioned as a mystic portal. He animated and transformed mannequins in the Gotham Fashion area of Gotham City. As he anticipated, Zatanna was among the heroes that responded to the incident. In an ethereal form, Faust waited until Zatanna was momentarily distracted. As she backed up onto a display, Faust emerged from a mannequin and stole her hat. He remarked it was a perfect fit then vanished before Batman's batarang landed. The transformed mannequins returned to normal and fell apart. Back at some castle ruins in the Hebrides Islands, Faust started casting a hex but was interrupted when several rabbits emerged from the hat. He continued with the hex unaware one rabbit was fitted with a tracker.

Zatanna got a ping on her Bunny Positioning System. With no time to waste, Etrigan summoned Merlin to teleport them to Hebrides in an instant. As they arrived, Faust finished his hex. A green pulse of energy shot into the maelstrom above the ruins. Ghast manifested. Faust inquired about his reward. Ghast turned to Faust and reached to his forehead and made him young again. He watched as Ghast flew towards a nearby town. He noted it was totally worth it even though he doomed the world. He attempted to gather his books and leave but Zatanna demanded her hat back. Faust taunted her and animated two statues. He continued to mock her, even to go as far as the old levitation trick. He remarked his kung fu was better than hers. Zatanna cast a spell, produced a seltzer bottle, and shot the hat off Faust's head. Zatanna sliced the last statue with rings then leaped into her hat. Faust was perplexed and picked the hat up. Zatanna emerged and decked him with an uppercut. Faust attempted to retaliate but Zatanna chained him up mid-spell. He gloated Zatanna had no idea how to return Ghast to its dimensional prison but to his surprise, she cast his hex backwards and it worked. He attempted to hop away while Batman, Zatanna, and Etrigan's backs were turned but he tripped and fell near the rabbits. He frowned and wondered why it had to be rabbits.

Faust cast a spell that took away the memories of the Justice League and stored them his orb. Faust created an army of Stone Golems and looted Metropolis. The Metropolis News Network were on the scene as police started to move in on him in the Metropolis Jewelry Exchange. Faust was infatuated with a segway and rode it around wondering how it even worked. The golems each stole something for Faust, including jewelry, cash, stereoes, and trucks. He inspected the loot and put on a crown. A golem holding sandwichs presented him with the tuna sandwich he requested. Faust was delighted and they exchanged a fist bump. The police ordered them to put the jewelry, money, and sandwichs down then put their arms in the air. The Golems attacked the police. Faust was startled as he drank from a straw and spit all over a Golem as Firestorm addressed him. Firestorm then asked him about his "mumu". Faust was aghast and clarified he dressed in the finest Tibetan robes in all the land. He was shocked to see Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman exit a taxi cab.

Faust ordered the Golems to attack, except the one with sandwichs. He was infuriated after Firestorm turned his sandwich-carrying Golem into a moped. He cast a spell that paralyzed Firestorm then examined him. Faust realized Firestorm was of two minds and cast a new spell that took both Ronnie Raymond and Professor Stein's memories. As the others made some leeway against the Golems, Batman demanded the orb from Faust. Faust attempted to speed off on his segway. He soon realized Superman had lifted the segway up off the pavement. Faust fell on his face. He tried to pull out the orb but Wonder Woman snatched it with the Lasso of Truth. After they observed Firestorm talking to a reflection of himself, they quickly agreed it was time to get their memories back. Wonder Woman tossed the orb and it shattered.

Faust couldn't resist the allure of many magical Amazonian artifacts on Themyscira. Hippolyta had enacted an anti-man spell to prevent anymore men from stepping foot on the island after Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman defeated Lex Luthor and Circe. Faust manifested in spirit form from a horse statue broken by Supergirl during a sparring session with Wonder Woman. To bypass the protective spell, Faust possessed Supergirl. As Wonder Woman inquired what her trick was, Supergirl sucker punched her into a building then attacked but she dodged and sensed Faust's smug magical aura. He stated only Wonder Woman stood in the way of the artifacts. He dodged Wonder Woman's swing and tossed her into a building then took out the columns, collapsing it on top of her. As he gloated, Wonder Woman appeared and threw the Lasso of Truth around him then yanked him to the ground. The spell ejected Faust then launched him into the ocean.

Faust attacked Metropolis with an ancient army of manifestions that looked like knights lit on fire. Mr. Mxyzptlk happened to teleport to the city at the same time. He observed Billy Batson's Uncle Dudley performing crowd control and was amused. Faust was happy one of the knights, Sir-Lunch-a-Lot, obeyed his orders and stole an armload of burritos and hot sauce. Shazam then Batman, Red Tornado, and Wonder Woman arrived to battle his knights. Faust tried to sneak away but Shazam collared him then handed him to Wonder Woman.