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Real Identity: Ember
Affiliations: Brother Night and Ivy League
Appearances: Speed Demon
Appearances (Webisodes): Quality Time
Powers/Skills: Pyrokinesis
Voiced By: Tara Strong

Ember is a dragon girl with a fiery temper who works for Brother Night. She was present when Batman and Zatanna forced their way into Night's club and confronted him about supplying magic powers to Gotham criminals. He was impressed with Batman's skills. Batman asked Night if he was smart enough to stop turning criminals into sorcerors. Ember warned Batman against challenging Night and was about to breath fire but Zatanna extinguished her with a spell. Ember vowed she would pay for that but Night didn't want to see anymore fighting. He promised not to touch a soul. Ember couldn't believe he was letting them go unharmed. Night picked up a part of a weapon left behind by Batman and cursed it. The object flew into the Batmobile and transformed it into a demonic creature. It proceeded to try to kill Batman. Eventually, Zatanna teleported it into Night's club just as Etrigan was about to ram it head on. Night teleported himself, Ember, and the rest of his crew out of the club.

Ember teamed with Poison Ivy, Star Sapphire, and Cheetah to form an Ivy League then attacked Gotham. The Justice League responded. During the battle, Ember razed a big rig truck then hurled a fireball at the Flash. Wonder Woman used her bracelets to shield herself and Flash from the attack. Ember leapt to the top of a light pole then fired at Wonder Woman. She dodged and threw out her Lasso of Truth. She snagged Ember then slammed her to the pavement.