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Real Identity: Dexter
Affiliations: Red Lantern Corps
Appearances: Rage of the Red Lanterns and Unleashed
Powers/Skills: Flight and Construct Generation
Voiced By: Jason J. Lewis

Dex-Starr is a member and top lieutenant of the Red Lantern Corps and resembles an Earth house cat. He was part of the team that pursued Lobo to Earth. While the Lanterns gave the Justice League time to search Lobo for rings, Dex-Starr infiltrated the Watchtower and granted them entry after making his way past a laser security grid without tripping it. Lobo tricked the Lanterns into thinking he was working for the League all along. As the two teams clashed, Dex-Starr attempted to attack Batman from behind but he effortlessly tossed a Batarang behind him. It emitted an electric shock and zapped Dex-Starr. Once Lobo revealed himself to be the perpetrator, Batman pulled Dex-Starr from a pile of debris and woke him up. They attacked Lobo in tandem. Dex-Starr unleashed a powerful blast from his mouth and took down Lobo.

Dex-Starr was assigned to infiltrate the Watchtower and use the Justice League's Mother Box to boom the Red Lanterns directly to Earth. The Justice League fell for a diversion and the majority of them boomed off planet. While Plastic Man was walking Krypto outside the tower, he found a stray cat on drift wood in the ocean. He had no idea it was Red Lantern Dex-Starr. He blow dried Dex then left to cook him a meal. Dex tapped his leash medal and checked in with Atrocitus, who ordered him to go to Phase 2 and maintain cover. Dex found the Mother Box. Krypto attacked but Plastic Man returned with Streaky's old litter box and thought he was just being a bad dog. Dex was given a lot of food and was stuffed. Plastic Man kept making more food like sushi, Jello, and cheeses. Dex made Krypto look bad by making it look like he broke a plate. Plastic Man set Dex in front of a flat screen TV turned on to a soap opera then went to continue cooking. Dex eyed the litter box but Atrocitus was getting impatient.

Krypto stopped Dex from using the League's Mother Box again but caused fires and Plastic Man still had no clue what was really going on. He put Krypto into the Sun Room and set it to red so he would be powerless. Dex-Starr rejected Plastic Man's weird cake and revealed himself to be a Red Lantern then fired hair balls. Krypto bit his dog tag and set off a distress signal. Streaky responded and was knocked through Krypto's room but the hole restored his powers. Dex collapsed the ceiling then returned to the Mother Box and triggered a Boom Tube. Streaky battled the Red Lanterns and Dex's stomach gurgled then he ran to the carrier. It was Plastic Man in disguise and he took Dex's ring off. Krypto was released and he turned off the Mother Box. The Lanterns were recalled as the tube closed. The League returned to the Watchtower when they realized they were duped into booming to a diversion. Plastic Man down played his role in saving the world and only admitted he helped after Batman pointed out Dex was just a cat.