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Real Identity: Despotellis
Affiliations: Sinestro Corps
Appearances: The Ringer
Powers/Skills: Wields Power Ring
Voiced By: Darin De Paul

Despotellis is a sentient biovirus and is considered one of the deadliest soldiers in the Sinestro Corps. It hid itself in Sinestro's ring then activated its Yellow Lantern Power Battery, providing Sinestro with a perpetual power source. After the Atom conquered the ring's fear manipulating powers, he sighted the battery. Despotellis noticed Atom and contacted Sinestro. He ordered it to go after Atom. Atom was unsure if the ring was hallucinating again and described a giant spider mushroom with a yellow ring inside of it. Green Lantern recognized the description and advised Atom to run. Despotellis thrust its limbs at Atom and seemingly crushed him. Atom increased his size and shoved Despotellis. It fired its ring and trapped Atom in a grid construct then proceeded to smash him. It concluded Atom was dead and updated Sinestro.

Atom shrank himself farther than he ever did and stowed away on Despotellis. He altered its chemical make up from a subatomic level. Despotellis started to feel the effects and lost cohesion then collapsed. Without Despotellis operating its battery, Sinestro's ring suddenly ran out of power and was knocked out by Green Lantern. Atom placed Despotellis on a petri dish and reunited with Lantern, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Green Lantern formed a microscope construct and looked at Despotellis. He mused it looked more like a crab fungus. Superman thought it was more of a squid pickle. Wonder Woman thought it was more of a moldy pineapple cockroach. Despotellis tried to tell them its name then gave up mid-sentence.