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Real Identity: Floyd Lawton
Appearances: Double Cross
Appearances (Webisodes): Good Cop, Bat Cop and Lasso of Lies
Powers/Skills: Marksmanship and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Christian Slater

Deadshot is a highly skilled sharp shooter for hire. He uses a variety of weaponry such as laser pistols, tasers, explosives, and rocket launchers but he's known for his arm mounted blasters. Batman was unable to capture Deadshot for years.

Deadshot took on Penguin's contract to bring in Two-Face alive and recover $500,000 stolen from him. Penguin warned him Two-Face was in Batman's custody. Deadshot told him not to worry and fired at the center of a target multiple times. He reminded Penguin he was going by Deadshot and departed. Batman tasked Plastic Man with perfectly taking on Two-Face's appearance and serving as bait to lure Deadshot into an ambush. To make sure Deadshot went after them, Batman put out word he was personally driving Two-Face to Arkham Asylum. Deadshot, indeed, heard and waited atop the roof of a hotel. As the Batmobile approached, Deadshot fired his rocket launcher and took out a rear tire. However, the Batmobile was outfitted with a device that could install a new tire on the fly. Deadshot fired at a big rig truck in the opposite lane to cause a collision. The Batmobile fired two grapnel lines around a pole and swung around the truck. The momentum flipped it and it crashed into a hydrant. Batman and "Two-Face" fled into an alley.

Deadshot tried to flush them out with a grenade but they ran into a warehouse. Deadshot perched on the rafters. He admitted he was hoping he would run into Batman. Batman threw three Batarangs but he quickly shot them down and taunted Batman with getting old and slow. Batman nailed a nearby light fixture. Deadshot was momentarily distracted. Batman kicked him down. Deadshot drew his guns but Batman disarmed and uppercut him. Deadshot countered with a taser and kicked him to a lower level. Deadshot cornered "Two-Face" and shot a tranquilizer dart. Plastic Man receded his chest and the dart passed through the hole. Deadshot realized he was a decoy and shoved him to the ground. He jumped through a window and tossed an explosive charge inside. Batman grabbed Plastic Man and jumped to the roof across. Deadshot returned to his weapons cache on the hotel roof and packed but he heard a police siren. He glanced and saw a police car, driven by Two-Face, making a beeline for the train station. He became suspicious and followed.

Two-Face went to a locker in the train station and retrieved a brief case containing the stolen money. Deadshot shot him the back with a tranquilizer dart. Batman swung in and kicked Deadshot across the floor then pinned him to a wall. Deadshot saw his launcher and used his foot to reach for it then fired. Plastic Man took the blast and went flying. Deadshot armed his mounted guns and blasted his way free. Batman took cover behind a column the circled as Deadshot looked and a train passed. Batman ran back and punched Deadshot then threw him into a hot dog cart. Deadshot shot a ceiling light fixture and it pinned Batman to the ground. Deadshot took aim but corsages formed around his guns. Firestorm rambled and was electrocuted as he passed by. Deadshot picked up one of his guns and gloated he fulfilled his contract, defeated the Justice League, and finally got rid of Batman. He pulled the trigger and to his surprise, the gun said, "Bang." Plastic Man revealed himself and wrapped completely around Deadshot. Two-Face and Deadshot were turned over to the Gotham City Police.

An unknown party with big plans hired Deadshot to take out Batman. Deadshot waited until Batman went into a warehouse then fired his laser rifle. Deadman admitted he was fast. Batman countered he lost the element of surprise. Deadshot looked up to see Batman leaping towards him. Batman kicked him across the roof. Deadshot already anticipated Batman would find him and countered with his arm mounted blaster. Batman likewise anticipated the move. Superman landed and took the blasts. Deadshot was arrested and taken to the Watchtower for interrogation. Superman requested to play bad cop for once. Batman agreed and they proceeded to find out who hired Deadshot. Deadshot was thrown off by the change in roles. He was creeped out by Batman's offer of coffee and doughnuts. Thinking the latter was posion, Deadshot caved and promised he would tell them everything. Lex Luthor later hired Deadshot to take out Wonder Woman. He cornered her in a dead end but she kicked him to the ground and deflected his shots. Several deflections landed and destroyed his twin blasters.

Deadshot played coy with who hired him. She took him on in close quarters combat. He managed to dodge a few hits until he took a roundhouse kick and was kicked into a wall. Wonder Woman threatened to use her Lasso of Truth. He bolted but was snagged. Wonder Woman realized the lasso was really Plastic Man incognito. Booster Gold teleported in with the real lasso. Wonder Woman ensnared him with it and he confessed to stealing it to get a good deal on a new car. Booster was impressed with its power. Deadshot caved and revealed he was hired by Lex Luthor. Booster suggested ice cream for all. Deadshot requested two scoops of chocolate chocolate chip. Wonder Woman told him was getting nothing and was going to like it.