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Real Identity: Circe
Appearances: Luthor in Paradise
Powers/Skills: Mastery of Magic
Voiced By: Laura Post

Circe is an evil witch infamous for turning her victims into animals. In the present, Circe and Luthor allied together to steal the Oculus of the Argo from Hippolyta and share its power then conquer Olympus. However, Luthor always planned to double cross her. They journeyed to Themsycira. Wonder Woman suddenly arrived and saved Hippolyta from Luthor's attack but Circe blasted her out of the temple then trapped her in the Hands of Hercules, a pair of giant hands made from the earth. Luthor asked for the staff again but Hippolyta refused and flipped him. Circe took advantage of the distraction and blasted her. She took the staff and created a portal to the Fallen Realm. They found the Oculus in a temple. Luthor shed his battle suit and put the Oculus on his chest. He was infused with the power of Zeus. Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman insisted Luthor would betray her but he threw lightning bolts at them. She felt the Oculus' power but grew a beard as a result.

Circe proceeded to turn them into trees as a warning to their other enemies who dared to oppose them. Luthor found it creative but wanted them to leave quickly. Superman used his heat vision to blast Circe away then Wonder Woman threw her lasso on him. He was told to reveal his plan. He complied. Wonder Woman then asked what of Circe. Luthor couldn't resist and quickly admitted he was going to ditch her the minute they took over Olympus. Circe was infuriated and couldn't believe she almost made him her equal. Luthor was amused and announced he was her superior. She wasn't so sure and pointed. The Oculus fell off Luthor and he returned to normal. Circe zapped Luthor in the butt repeatedly then released Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman from her spell when she was done with him. Circe tried to sneak away while they watched Superman nab Luthor but Wonder Woman knew her tricks and lassoed her. Back on Themyscira, Circe requested her hands to be loosened a little. Hippolyta refused to honor her request rather than risk her casting another spell and informed her no magic would free her from the Pits of Tartarus.