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Real Identity: David Clinton
Appearances: Time Share and Race Against Crime
Powers/Skills: Time Manipulation, Engineering, and Knowledge of Martial Arts
Voiced By: Andy Richter

Chronos is a supervillain who commits time-based crimes. Chronos became fixated with Batman and collected as much information as he could. Chronos came to the realization that the night Batman took down Carmine Falcone was an opportunity to kill him. One night, he broke into a Wayne Enterprises facility and stole an exotic power source. He fled the scene in an O Wheel Car with Batman and Blue Beetle in hot pursuit. He had no idea who Blue Beetle was. As the chase led to the docks, Chronos weaved around people and fired his Time Bombs to stop them in place and stall Batman. Chronos returned to his hideout in a rundown apartment building and quickly charged his Time Glove with the stolen energy. By the time Batman and Beetle arrived, they were too late. To make matters worse, Beetle impulsively fired his arm cannon and caused a small cave-in. Chronos activated his glove and generated a Time Portal to the past. Chronos entered the Falcone Family Warehouse and tried to warn Falcone that Batman would be coming for him.

Falcone was naturally skeptical but took precautions. Chronos watched from the rafters above. Batman and Beetle made sure not to run into anyone or risk creating a paradox and confronted Chronos. Blue Beetle was irritated with not being recognized and attacked. As a result, Chronos dropped his Time Bombs down below - creating a pocket in incredibly slowed down time. Chronos decided to assassinate Batman himself and hit an emergency release button. A crate nearly fell on the younger Batman but Batman tackled it away. Chronos jumped to a rope and fell on come crates then grabbed a piece of wood. He rushed the younger Batman but was shoved. He activated integrated hardware in his mask with the Time Glove and peered one second into the future. He was able to see Batman's next move before he made it and plan a suitable counter move. Eventually, Batman threw down some smoke bombs and circumvented Chronos' ability. He easily creeped up on Chronos and punched him out. Once it was certain the timeline was preserved, Batman and Beetle returned to the present with Chronos. He was turned over to the Gotham City Police Department. Batman, in a rare instance, told Beetle he did a good job.

Chronos allied with Lex Luthor to complete his Time Suit invention. Thanks to Luthor's satellite connections, the transfer of energy signals from the Speed Force of Flash and Superman charged the Time Suit in record time. Chronos' penchant for being exacting came through and he announced the suit would be fully charged in 19.396 seconds. Luthor correctly deduced he loved algebra when he was a child. Chronos insinuated time and speed were the flip sides of the same thing then declared the Time Suit was ultimate power. Luthor pulled a laser gun on him to his surprise. Chronos demanded to know why he was being betrayed. Luthor was content to say it was whiny voice and blasted him. Luthor put on the Time Suit and tried out its power on a falcon outside. Chronos called him a fool and warned him he didn't understand the power. Luthor disagreed and stated the problem was that he did. Luthor rapidly aged Chronos into an elderly man then helped him to the bench. Chronos forgot what Luthor's name was.

Batman later traced the energy signal to Luthor's hideout and found Chronos. He figured out what their plan was and flew back to Metropolis in the Batjet with Chronos. Chronos remembered Luthor double-crossed him but soon forgot where he was. After the Flash defeated Luthor, Chronos returned to normal. He felt good again and declared all his anger was suddenly gone. Batman told him to wait until the court set his bail.