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Real Identity: Calythos
Affiliations: Brothers Djinn
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Classic Rock and Power Outage)
Powers/Skills: Possession, Power Absorption, Volcanic Manipulation, Swordsmanship, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: David Lodge

Calythos is one of the Brothers Djinn, five demonic beings who once ruled primitive Earth until they were defeated by the Wizard Shazam and his champion Adam. They were petrified and imprisoned on a wall in the Rock of Eternity. Centuries later, they were freed by Adam, now Black Adam, and returned to Earth. Calythos targeted the superhuman leech Parasite for his powers. Just as Parasite was secured in a Metropolis Police Department van at Stryker's Island Penitentiary, Calythos crashed into it. He grabbed Parasite and integrated him into his body. Calythos gained his powers, unleashed a shockwave by stomping the ground, and leaped towards Metropolis. While Superman stabilized the prison, Wonder Woman pursued Calythos. Calythos landed in Mid-City Park. He drew his schimitar and plunged it into the ground intending to generate a volcano powerful enough to bury the planet in magma, restoring it into its pre-human glory. Once that was done, his remaining brothers would seize control once again. He lacked enough power to complete the task.

Wonder Woman clocked him. As he took each hit, Calythos stole more of her power. Calythos continued to try to raise his volcano, but was caught in the Lasso of Truth. Wonder Woman demanded to know who he was and what he was doing. To his surprise, Calythos complied and answered her query. He tugged on the lasso and headbutter her. She blocked his schimitar with her bracelets but was kicked into a car. Superman arrived and fought Calythos, inadvertently giving him the power of flight. He disabled a Metropolis 6 News helicopter and returned to the park. Superman returned and used his heat vision but Calythos absorbed the ability, too. Wonder Woman lassoed the schimitar and launched it into the ocean. Calythos was irate and decked Wonder Woman into the Daily Planet globe then dove into the ocean after his blade. He drew up a second volcano. After Jimmy Olsen tipped off Wonder Woman and Superman about Calythos' use of Parasite, they formed a plan. They took Martian Manhunter along with them. Calythos took Manhunter's invisibility soon enough then took him out with a fiery touch.

Calythos gloated his imminent victory. He activated his schimitar then dropped it in fear. He also absorbed the Martians' weakness against fire. Even Calythos recognized the irony as he was a child of fire. He fell to the ground and demanded to make to pain stop. Parasite was released. He and Calythos were placed in cryogenic chambers aboard the Justice League's Justice-1 ship.