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Real Identity: Noah Kuttler
Appearances: The Cube Root and The Brain Buster
Powers/Skills: Genius and Mastery over Technology
Voiced By: Ely Henry

The Calculator is an evil computer genius who arms himself with hi-tech gear. He wears a costume bearing an integrated high-powered computer that allows him to hack almost any system. No longer content with sitting on the sidelines and crunching numbers for others, Calculator came up with a plan to hack into Mr. Terrific's T-Spheres, connect them to the Metropolis power grid and trigger a city-wide blackout, then send the spheres into any bank and government installation and take whatever he wanted. He attended New Metropolis University's dedication ceremony for the renaming of the Science Building to the Mr. Terrific Research Center. Once Terrific concluded his keynote speech, Calculator made his presence known and hacked a sphere. Soon, they were all under his control. He directed them to attack Terrific and the Research Center. Calculator was amused with his success and laughed as the spheres carried him away. Calculator cloaked them from detection and continued with his plans.

Mr. Terrific and Firestorm observed the T-Spheres connected to the power grid but were discovered. Calculator had himself projected and addressed the heroes. To even Calculator's surprise, the T-Spheres hacked Firestorm's molecular matrix and split him into Ronnie Raymond and Professor Stein. Raymond was kidnapped and brought to Calculator's base. He wasn't fooled by Raymond's claims he was an innocent bystander snatched by accident. A T-Sphere alerted Calculator of an intruder. Professor Stein assembled his S-Cubes into one and tracked the T-Spheres' tachyon emissions to the base. Mr. Terrific confronted his inventions with several cubes while Stein crashed his into the top floor of Calculator's base. Terrific disguised his last cube as a sphere then joined the other battle. Calculator took the bait and ordered the sphere to finish off Terrific but nothing happened. Terrific revealed the ruse then threw the cube at him. Stein and Raymond reunited as Firestorm in the meantime. Calculator backed up into Terrific and was punched out. He was turned over to police and taken to Stryker's Island Penitentiary.

The Calculator made Mr. Terrific's list of the world's smartest people. After escaping prison, Caluclator was abducted from his hideout by a robot sent by Mr. Mind. Calculator and the Brain quickly were at odds with each other. After Brain called him a meat sack, Calculator retorted there was something he could do and blew his tongue. Brain became enraged. Lex Luthor had enough and declared this gathering couldn't get any worse. Batman was teleported to them. Mr. Mind, disguising himself behind a giant construct of flaming reading glasses, addressed them and started his Brain Games. After they all activated their cars, Batman found himself stuck between Calculator and Brain. Batman did a hard brake and let the villains trade insults. Brain extended his tendril and spun Calculator's dashboard sphere. Calculator's car sped off the track out of control. Through sheer luck, Calculator soon landed back on the track. Near the finish line, Calculator fired his wrist blaster and severed one of Brain's tendrils. The Brain went off the track and was the first to lose.

In the second round, Calculator blasted Batman off a pad. Batman slid off another and hung off the side. As it flipped upward, Batman jumped and kicked Calculator. Calculator was deemed a loser and teleported into a containment cube. Batman and Mr. Terrific used Luthor as a pawn and defeated Mr. Mind before he could steal Luthor's body.