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Brother Night

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Real Identity: Eldon Peck
Appearances: Zombie King and Speed Demon
Powers/Skills: Command over the Supernatural and Mastery of Magic
Voiced By: Dan Donohue

Brother Night is a servant of the dark forces and seeks to take over regular and supernatural organized crime. He professes he does not choose sides in the war between good and evil but only offers power to those who crave it. On the night of a Crimson Moon, Brother Night battled Constantine and Zatanna. He commanded his ghouls to waste them to their very souls. Constantine stayed back to fight Night while Zatanna left to help Batman and Swamp Thing stop Solomon Grundy from turning everyone into zombies. Night operated a nightclub in Gotham City and began giving magic powers to criminals. After an encounter with an empowered Harley Quinn, Batman and Zatanna confronted Night in his club after the former easily took out his bodyguards. Night admitted he was impressed and called off his second, Ember. Uninterested in a fight, Night instead offered to turn Batman into a true agent of vengeance. Batman turned him down. Zatanna demanded he stop laying fairy godfather to Gotham's sleaze. Night promised not to touch a soul.

For spurning his generous offer, Night hexed a bola left behind by Batman. It flew off and transformed the Batmobile into a monster. Night and his crew watched as the Batmobile attempted to destroy Batman. Once Etrigan entered the fray, Night tried to tempt him into joining his side. Etrigan declined and called him a dope. After Batman freed Zatanna from the trunk of the Batmobile, she cast a spell that teleported herself, Batman, Etrigan, his empowered ice cream truck, and the Batmobile into Night's club. Night realized what she done and teleported himself and his demons away just as Etrigan rammed the Batmobile head on.