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Real Identity: Brainiac
Appearances: Plastic Man Saves the World and Battle for the Bottled City
Powers/Skills: Genius, Flight, Laser Emission, Force Field Generation, and Materialization
Voiced By: John de Lancie

Brainiac is an alien obsessed with journeying across the universe and stealing cities for his collection of shrunken bottled cities. After a city was taken, the rest of the world was recorded then eradicated. One city he was known to have stolen was Kandor, the capital of Krypton. Decades later, Brainiac selected Metropolis to be the ten thousandth city to be collected. Once Vixen, Batman, and Cyborg arrived, Brainiac had his orbs attack. Superman soon arrived but Brainiac had the ship fire a Kryptonite laser at him. Brainiac calculated an 89.76% success rate. Plastic Man volunteered to take down his space ship but Batman and Superman weren't convinced he could. Plastic Man decided to do it to prove himself. Superman renewed his offensive on Brainiac but couldn't penetrate his force shield. He ordered his robots to prepare the miniaturization cannon. Plastic Man managed to infiltrate the ship, took out the robots operating it, and destroyed the cannon which triggered the ship's destruction.

Superman shoved him into the street below and charged. Brainiac was defeated and restrained by Vixen and Cyborg. Thinking him dead, the League was relieved to see Plastic Man float down. Plastic Man revealed he had carried the 9,999 stolen cities inside of him as well. Brainiac upgraded him from a 4.6 to an 87% threat level in his databse. He vowed next time he would destroy Plastic Man first. Plastic Man was stoked to hear he was an 87 and had an archenemy. He proposed they get sushi to celebrate then gathered everyone in for a selfie. Brainiac somehow escaped, manned his tank, and searched for the Bottle City of Kandor to complete his collection once again. He managed to triangulate the location of the Fortress of Solitude and observed Superman leaving. He launched his B-3 robot after him but discovered it was just a robotic sentry that looked like him. He took the top half of the robot back to the Fortress' entrance and held it up to the scanner to gain entry inside. He was unimpressed with three Superman Robots that came to stop him.

Brainiac left B-3 to dispatch him. He discovered where Kandor was and melted down a door, only to encounter the Atom and Cyborg. The Superman Robot with them charged but Brainiac fired a laser from his palm and took it down. Cyborg tried to pass off Kandor as Cleveland but he wasn't fooling anyone. Brainiac fired his disintegrator at the Atom then deployed a concussive explosive at Cyborg. Cyborg was knocked back into the table. As Kandor rolled off, Brainiac arrested its fall with a stasis field. Unaware Superman was inside the bottle, Brainiac left with it. En route back to his laboratory, Brainiac dreamed about once again completing his collection and petting his pet cat. A proximity alert broke up his thoughts. Thinking Superman arrived, he turned the tank around and opened fire. The Atom was operating a Superman Robot and demanded Kandor. Brainiac refused and B-3 attacked. Atom managed to use B-3 to hurl the tank. Brainiac saved Kandor with a stasis field and emerged from the tank. He again refused Atom's request.

B-3 once again attacked Atom. Brainiac stared at Kandor as he trudged through the Arctic. He noticed B-3 was thrown right at him on the bottle's reflection and barely dodged it. He watched in horror was Kandor rolled into a river. He expressed gratitude when B-3 returned it to him but was annoyed to see Atom demand Kandor again. He ordered B-3 to terminate him once and for all. He watched as Atom opened the bottle and Superman fly out. As Superman took out B-3, Brainiac ran for Kandor. Atom leaped at him but Brainiac flicked him to the ground. He turned and found himself face to face with the tiny Superman. Brainiac was punched repeatedly then Superman grabbed his left arm and tossed him. As Cyborg arrived, Brainiac groaned as he lay in the snow.