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Real Identity: Atrocitus
Affiliations: Red Lantern Corps
Appearances: Rage of the Red Lanterns and Unleashed
Powers/Skills: Flight and Construct Generation
Voiced By: Michael Dorn

Atrocitus is the leader of the Red Lantern Corps. He was part of the team that pursued Lobo to Earth. After a brief tussle, Atrocitus ordered his Lanterns to stand down and informed Superman and Wonder Woman they seeked to take Lobo into their custody for stealing some of their newly forged rings. He gave them time to search for rings but it was ploy to get them to relax their guard while Dex-Starr infiltrated the Watchtower and granted them entry. Anyone in their way would be destroyed. Lobo brought out the rings after the League informed Atrocitus they couldn't find them. Naturally, Atrocitus didn't find their word worth much. Once Lobo revealed himself to be the perpetrator, Atrocitus agreed the Lanterns and League needed to team up despite his hatred for them. Citing they provided the edge in battle, Atrocitus permitted the League to keep Lobo. Zilius Zox objected by Atrocitus decided ask why he didn't protect him during the battle. Zox backed down and complimented Atrocitus on the great decision.

The Red Lanterns set off to try to invade Earth. While the bulk of the Corps lured the Justice League off planet, Dex-Starr infiltrated the Watchtower as a stray cat in trouble. Once alone, Dex tapped his leash tag and briefed Atrocitus on his progress. Atrocitus ordered him to go to Phase 2 but maintain his cover or the League would be alerted and the plan ruined. Plastic Man fed Dex several gourmet meals and delayed his orders. Atrocitus began to lose patience. Eventually, he opened a Boom Tube. Atrocitus emerged and was headbutted by Streaky. Plastic Man neutralized Dex then Krypto closed the tube. The Red Lanterns were pulled back through it as it closed.