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Episode 28 | The Fatal Fare

Air Date: July 15, 2017
Written By: Paul Dini
Directed By: Doug Murphy
Heroes: Justice League (Hawkman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Swamp Thing, and The Atom) and Green Lantern G'nort
Villains: Darkseid, Kanto, Desaad, and Lobo
Supporting: Roxy Rocket and Space Cabbie
Beasts Parademons
Objects: Mother Box, Boom Tube, Justice 1, Kryptonian Ray Gun, Lasso of Truth, Power Ring, Spacehog, Space Cab, Platinum Omega, Kryptonite, and Jack
Places: Apokolips and Third Moon of Graxos IV
References: 9-Planet Taxi, Green Lantern Corps, and Belle Reve Prison