Directed By: Ben Jones
Written By: Marley Halpern-Graser
Producers: Ben Jones and Sandi Yi
Associate Producer: Kimberly S. Moreau
Casting and Voice Direction: Lisa Schaffer
Featuring the Voices of: Diedrich Bader as Batmongoose, Bizarrfo, and Solomon Bunny, Eric Bauza as Narrator, Lex Liger, and Captain Cod, David Kaye as Supermanatee and Duckseid, Jason Marsden as The Flish, Sinestropotamus, and Mxyzchkn, Kevin Michael Richardson as The Croaker, Cybug, and John Stearthog/Green Lamprey, Armin Shimerman as Aquamandrill, Craniac and Moo Face, and Lauren Tom as Billy Bacon, Wonder Wombat, and Robin's Egg
Assistant Production Managers: Jeff Adams and Danielle Digrado
Storyboard and Design: Stephen DeStefano
Title Character Clean-Up: Robert Lacko
Color Stylists: Christina Long
Background Paint: Bill Wray
Effects Animation: Brett Hardin and Samuel Pfannkuche
Animation Services Provided By: Rauch Bros. Animation, Inc.
Animation Supervision: Mike Rauch
Lead Animator: Tim Rauch
Assistant Animator: Polly Guo
Production Assistant: Deena Beck
Editor: Damon Yoches
Supervising Dialogue/ADR Editor: Mark A. Keatts
ADR/Dialogue Editors: Kelly Foley Downs and Mike Garcia
Recording Facility: Warner Bros. Post Production Services
Post Production Manager: Scott Shinick
Recording Machine Operators: Jeff O. Collins and Sarah Baluch
Online Editor: Steve White
Post Production Sound Services: Atlas Oceanic Sound and Picture
Production Administrator: Zoe Lane
Production Support: Tina Fallah, Audrey Kim, Tamara Miles, Kira Tirimacco, Renee Roporzysek, and Janet Yi
Casting Administration: Liz Carroll
Production Accounting: Yadira Davis, Luisa Guzman, Debbie Lindquist, Maral Simonian, and Athena Wingate
Executive in Charge of Music: Nick Sherrod
Business & Legal Affairs: John Michael Beach, Lori Blackstone, Sharmalee Lall, Bonnie Negrete, and Joulene St. Catherine
Production Supervision: Bobbi Page
Production Management: Ed Adams
Executive in Charge of Production for Cartoon Network: Tramm Wigzell and Brian E.S. Jones
Executive in Charge of Production: Peter Girardi and Jeff Prezenkowski
Executive Producer: Sam Register