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Release Dates: January 21, 2014


Karate Kid

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Real Identity: Val Armorr
Powers/Skills: Weakness Detection and Master of Martial Arts
Voiced By: Dante Basco

Val Armorr spent years studying and mastering every known style of martial arts. Armorr's ability to sense weaknesses in his opponents coupled with a favored skill, a focused ki burst, he is a formidable challenge. Armorr took on the codename Karate Kid and applied for membership in the Legion of Superheroes. However, his brash attitude and impatience were his own weaknesses. The Legion, Lightning Lad in particular, felt he was not ready. Karate Kid befriended another rejected applicant Dawnstar. As they explored a museum, Karate Kid brashly jumped onto the Lex Luthor exhibit and feigned using a focused ki burst. After they left, it was evident the burst was enough to free Luthor. Luthor froze Karate Kid and Dawnstar with a Cold Gun and used the Eternity Glass to go to the 21st Century. The two would-be heroes followed. As events unfolded, Luthor succeeded in erasing the Justice League from existence. As they hid in the sewers, Karate Kid came to terms and blamed himself for everything that happened and wished he disappeared, too.

Dawnstar realized they could get rid of Luthor if they tracked down the Luthor lost in the 21st Century. They encountered Gorilla Grodd, Black Manta and Captain Cold. A fight followed instead of cooperation. Once Dawnstar found Luthor, Karate Kid unleashed his ki burst and freed Luthor's body. Dawnstar then blessed him and Luthor regained consciousness. With little options left, they then confronted the Time Trapper. Karate Kid attempted to find Trapper's weakness but realized he had no ki or life, just dark matter. He urged Dawnstar to use her light energy against Trapper. Once the Justice League imprisoned the Trapper once more, Karate Kid and Dawnstar declined an invitation from Superman to stay and returned to the 31st Century. However, they discovered the timeline was not fully restored and it was still influenced by Lex Luthor. They opted to return to the past.