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Justice League of America

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Real Identity: Various
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Various

The Justice League of America is a group of the world's finest heroes. The Justice League battled the Legion of Doom in the arctic as they initiated a plan to swell the planet's glaciers with a satellite array. Superman, Cyborg, Batman, and Robin set off for space to destroy Captain Cold's five satellites while the Flash, Aquaman and Wonder Woman attempted to take the satellite's controls away from Lex Luthor. In the finale of the battle, Luthor was blasted with one of the satellite's beams and encased in a glacier. He was lost and never recovered. However, a Luthor from the 31st Century arrived by using the Eternity Glass and Time Trapper. That Luthor hatched a plan to erase the Justice League once and for all.

Karate Kid and Dawnstar followed them and sought the Justice League's help in the matter. They flew to Washington D.C. and broke into the Hall of Justice. After a tussle with Robin, the pair was interrogated by Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Meanwhile, Luthor had his Legion go into the past to send the infant Kal-El back into space so he would never become Superman. Without Superman, the Justice League also ceased to exist and were banished to the ether of non-existence by the Time Trapper. Eventually, Karate Kid and Dawnstar turned the future Luthor into a paradox which allowed Time Trapper to erase him as well. But Trapper took control of the Eternity Glass and attempted to remake Earth in darkness.

The Justice League returned to existence and confronted the Trapper. Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman raced off to respond to distress calls related to Trapper's plans. The Justice League, Karate Kid, and Dawnstar defeated Time Trapper by taking back the Eternity Glass and imprisoning him again. Superman offered the teenage heroes the opportunity to stick around but they concluded it was best they returned home to the 31st Century. With Luthor of the present in prison, Gorilla Grodd plotted to regroup the Legion of Doom to exact revenge on the Justice League. Dawnstar and Karate Kid realized their timeline had not been fully restored due to the new presence of a Lex Luthor statue and returned to the past. Superman and the Justice League's continued heroics allowed civilization to grow and prosper. In the 31st Century, the Legion of Superheroes continue to battle crime and villany in the name of truth and justice.





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